BandwagonHost United States Los Angeles vCPU VPS Server Test and Review

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BandwagonHost United States Los Angeles vCPU VPS Server Test and Review

This test is in the BandwagonHost United States Los Angeles Shared vCPU VPS Server, running on KiwiVM, a secure control panel developed in-house. It allows to perform all basic management tasks: start/stop, OS reload, Emergency console, rDNS (PTR) record management, datacenter migration, snapshots, usage statistics, API, etc. The virtualization platform is KVM.

The server is powered by QEMU Virtual CPU version (cpu64-rhel6). 2 vCPUs/1 GB Memory/20 GB Disk/1 TB Transfer Traffic/1x IPv4.

BandwagonHost offers a special feature: Migrate to another data center, This feature allows you to physically move your VPS to another location. During the migration, all data on your VPS is preserved, and the total downtime will be only a few seconds to a few minutes. However, the IP address of your VPS will change. If you host websites or other services utilizing DNS on this VPS, you would have to also update the DNS records of all websites.

If services running on your VPS bind to static IP addresses instead of wildcard IP ( or localhost (, then you would have to also update the configuration files of such services to use the new IP.

About BandwagonHost

BandwagonHost is a well-known name in the VPS industry. They specialize in self-managed SDD VPS and use top-quality and enterprise-grade equipment for their servers. This means that your website will be up and running, equipped to handle any situation that arises. BandwagonHost staff monitors all services and networks 24/7, preemptively preventing hardware or network malfunctions.

They also prepare weekly security audits for the network and fix any errors on an urgent basis. Your website is secured with SSL to guarantee the safety of your information.

BandwagonHost offers a range of VPS hosting plans with different pricing options. Their 20G KVM VPS plan costs $49.99 per year and includes 20 GB SSD RAID-10 space, 1024 MB ECC RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, 2x Intel Xeon CPU, and a 1 Gigabit network connectionTheir 40G KVM VPS plan costs $99.99 per year and includes 40 GB SSD RAID-10 space, 2 GB ECC RAM, 2 TB bandwidth, 3x Intel Xeon CPU, and a 1 Gigabit network connection. They also offer larger plans with more resources at higher prices.

Official Website:

Basic Bench

Basic System Information:
Uptime     : 10 days, 8 hours, 0 minutes
Processor  : QEMU Virtual CPU version (cpu64-rhel6)
CPU cores  : 2 @ 2599.998 MHz
AES-NI     : ✔ Enabled
VM-x/AMD-V : ❌ Disabled
RAM        : 1007.6 MiB
Swap       : 521.0 MiB
Disk       : 19.6 GiB
Distro     : CentOS Linux 7 (Core)
Kernel     : 4.11.8-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64
VM Type    : KVM
IPv4/IPv6  : ✔ Online / ❌ Offline

Looking Glass

Server Location: Los Angeles

Test IPv4:

Yabs Performance Bench

IPv4 Network Information:
ISP        : IT7 Networks Inc
ASN        : AS25820 IT7 Networks Inc
Host       : IT7 Networks Inc
Location   : Los Angeles, California (CA)
Country    : United States

fio Disk Speed Tests (Mixed R/W 50/50):
Block Size | 4k            (IOPS) | 64k           (IOPS)
  ------   | ---            ----  | ----           ---- 
Read       | 33.51 MB/s    (8.3k) | 329.70 MB/s   (5.1k)
Write      | 33.60 MB/s    (8.4k) | 331.44 MB/s   (5.1k)
Total      | 67.12 MB/s   (16.7k) | 661.14 MB/s  (10.3k)
           |                      |                     
Block Size | 512k          (IOPS) | 1m            (IOPS)
  ------   | ---            ----  | ----           ---- 
Read       | 508.93 MB/s    (994) | 466.78 MB/s    (455)
Write      | 535.98 MB/s   (1.0k) | 497.86 MB/s    (486)
Total      | 1.04 GB/s     (2.0k) | 964.65 MB/s    (941)

iperf3 Network Speed Tests (IPv4):
Provider        | Location (Link)           | Send Speed      | Recv Speed      | Ping           
-----           | -----                     | ----            | ----            | ----           
Clouvider       | London, UK (10G)          | busy            | 352 Mbits/sec   | 132 ms         
Scaleway        | Paris, FR (10G)           | 756 Mbits/sec   | busy            | 140 ms         
NovoServe       | North Holland, NL (40G)   | 735 Mbits/sec   | 554 Mbits/sec   | 144 ms         
Uztelecom       | Tashkent, UZ (10G)        | 495 Mbits/sec   | 212 Mbits/sec   | 240 ms         
Clouvider       | NYC, NY, US (10G)         | 871 Mbits/sec   | 218 Mbits/sec   | 63.0 ms        
Clouvider       | Dallas, TX, US (10G)      | 906 Mbits/sec   | 650 Mbits/sec   | 31.3 ms        
Clouvider       | Los Angeles, CA, US (10G) | 893 Mbits/sec   | 916 Mbits/sec   | 1.26 ms        

Geekbench test failed and low memory was detected. Add at least 1GB of SWAP or use GB4 instead (higher compatibility with low memory systems).

YABS completed in 4 min 31 sec



Global Node Test

 ## CDN Speedtest

 CacheFly : 100.89 MiB/s |  807.13 Mbps  | ping   0.476ms
 Gdrive   :   8.38 MiB/s |   67.03 Mbps  | ping 151.355ms

 ## North America Speedtest

 Softlayer, Washington, USA :  21.03 MiB/s |  168.22 Mbps  | ping  63.159ms
 SoftLayer, San Jose, USA   :  84.77 MiB/s |  678.14 Mbps  | ping   9.549ms
 SoftLayer, Dallas, USA     :       0 B/s |      N/A       | ping error!
 Vultr, New Jersey, USA     :  19.77 MiB/s |  158.14 Mbps  | ping  66.560ms
 Vultr, Seattle, USA        :  79.38 MiB/s |  635.01 Mbps  | ping  28.945ms
 Vultr, Dallas, USA         :  70.86 MiB/s |  566.85 Mbps  | ping  38.771ms
 Vultr, Los Angeles, USA    :  90.88 MiB/s |  727.01 Mbps  | ping   0.356ms
 Ramnode, New York, USA     :  35.96 MiB/s |  287.71 Mbps  | ping  60.860ms
 Ramnode, Atlanta, USA      :  38.91 MiB/s |  311.31 Mbps  | ping  53.946ms

 ## Europe Speedtest

 Vultr, London, UK            :  15.51 MiB/s |  124.10 Mbps  | ping 133.253ms
 LeaseWeb, Frankfurt, Germany :   6.63 MiB/s |   53.07 Mbps  | ping 148.811ms
 Hetzner, Germany             : 423.98 KiB/s |    3.31 Mbps  | ping 152.657ms
 Ramnode, Alblasserdam, NL    :  13.55 MiB/s |  108.40 Mbps  | ping 141.422ms
 Vultr, Amsterdam, NL         :  13.58 MiB/s |  108.67 Mbps  | ping 146.642ms
 EDIS, Stockholm, Sweden      :     484 B/s |      N/A       | ping 156.743ms
 OVH, Roubaix, France         :     643 B/s |      N/A       | ping 136.417ms
 Online, France               :   7.43 MiB/s |   59.41 Mbps  | ping 139.751ms
 Prometeus, Milan, Italy      :     183 B/s |      N/A       | ping 161.130ms

 ## Exotic Speedtest

 Sydney, Australia     :  11.32 MiB/s |   90.53 Mbps  | ping 148.299ms
 Lagoon, New Caledonia :     225 B/s |      N/A       | ping 180.127ms
 Hosteasy, Moldova     :   6.67 MiB/s |   53.37 Mbps  | ping 180.984ms
 Prima, Argentina      : 532.37 KiB/s |    4.16 Mbps  | ping error!

 ## Asia Speedtest

 SoftLayer, Singapore : 716.25 KiB/s |    5.60 Mbps  | ping 176.000ms
 Linode, Tokyo, Japan :   1.39 MiB/s |   11.10 Mbps  | ping 323.633ms
 Linode, Singapore    :   5.24 MiB/s |   41.92 Mbps  | ping 187.481ms
 Vultr, Tokyo, Japan  :  20.97 MiB/s |  167.79 Mbps  | ping 117.411ms

Media Unlock Test

============[ Multination ]============
 Dazn:                                  No
 HotStar:                               No
 Disney+:                               No
 Netflix:                               Originals Only
 YouTube Premium:                       Yes
 Amazon Prime Video:                    Yes (Region: US)
 TVBAnywhere+:                          Yes
 iQyi Oversea Region:                   US                               No
 YouTube CDN:                           Los Angeles, CA 
 Netflix Preferred CDN:                 Los Angeles, CA  
 Spotify Registration:                  No
 Steam Currency:                        USD
 ChatGPT:                               Yes
==============[ Taiwan ]===============
 KKTV:                                  No
 LiTV:                                  No
 MyVideo:                               No
 4GTV.TV:                               No
 LineTV.TW:                             No
 Hami Video:                            No
 CatchPlay+:                            No
 HBO GO Asia:                           No
 Bahamut Anime:                         Failed (Network Connection)
 Bilibili Taiwan Only:                  No
=============[ Hong Kong ]=============
 Now E:                                 Failed (Unexpected Result: )
 Viu.TV:                                No
 MyTVSuper:                             No
 HBO GO Asia:                           No
 BiliBili Hongkong/Macau/Taiwan:        No
===============[ Japan ]===============
 DMM:                                   Yes
 DMM TV:                                No
 Abema.TV:                              No
 Niconico:                              No                              No
 Telasa:                                No
 Paravi:                                No
 U-NEXT:                                No
 Hulu Japan:                            Yes
 TVer:                                  Yes
 GYAO!:                                 Yes
 WOWOW:                                 No
 VideoMarket:                           Failed (Unexpected Result: 404)
 FOD(Fuji TV):                          No
 Radiko:                                No
 Karaoke@DAM:                           No
 J:com On Demand:                       No
 Kancolle Japan:                        No
 Pretty Derby Japan:                    Failed (Network Connection)
 Konosuba Fantastic Days:               No
 Princess Connect Re:Dive Japan:        Failed (Network Connection)
 World Flipper Japan:                   Yes
 Project Sekai: Colorful Stage:         No
===========[ North America ]===========
 FOX:                                   Yes
 Hulu:                                  Failed
 NFL+:                                  Yes
 ESPN+:[Sponsored by Jam]               No
 Epix:                                  No
 Starz:                                 No
 Philo:                                 Yes
 FXNOW:                                 Yes
 TLC GO:                                Yes
 HBO Max:                               Yes
 Shudder:                               Yes
 BritBox:                               Yes
 Crackle:                               Yes
 CW TV:                                 Yes
 A&E TV:                                Yes
 NBA TV:                                Yes
 NBC TV:                                Yes
 Fubo TV:                               No
 Tubi TV:                               Yes
 Sling TV:                              Yes
 Pluto TV:                              Yes
 Acorn TV:                              Yes
 SHOWTIME:                              Yes
 encoreTVB:                             Yes
 Funimation:                            Yes (Region: US)
 Discovery+:                            Yes
 Paramount+:                            Yes
 Peacock TV:                            Yes
 Popcornflix:                           Yes
 Crunchyroll:                           Yes
 KBS American:                          Yes
 KOCOWA:                                Yes
 Maths Spot:                            Failed
 CBC Gem:                               No
 Crave:                                 Yes
===========[ South America ]===========
 Star+:                                 No
 HBO Max:                               Yes
 DirecTV Go:                            Yes (Region: CO)
 Funimation:                            Yes (Region: US)
===============[ Europe ]==============
 Rakuten TV:                            Yes
 Funimation:                            Yes (Region: US)
 SkyShowTime:                           Yes (Region: >)
 HBO Max:                               Yes
 Maths Spot:                            Failed
 Sky Go:                                Yes
 BritBox:                               Yes
 ITV Hub:                               No
 Channel 4:                             No
 Channel 5:                             No
 BBC iPLAYER:                           No
 Discovery+ UK:                         No
 Salto:                                 Failed (Network Connection)
 Canal+:                                No
 Molotov:                               No
 Joyn:                                  No
 Sky:                                   No
 ZDF:                                   No
 NLZIET:                                Failed
 videoland:                             Failed (Network Connection)
 NPO Start Plus:                        No
 PANTAYA:                               Failed (Network Connection)
 Rai Play:                              Yes
 Amediateka:                            Yes
==============[ Oceania ]==============
 NBA TV:                                Yes
 Acorn TV:                              Yes
 SHOWTIME:                              Yes
 BritBox:                               Yes
 Funimation:                            Yes (Region: US)
 Paramount+:                            Yes
 Stan:                                  Yes
 Binge:                                 Yes
 Docplay:                               No
 7plus:                                 No
 Channel 9:                             No
 Channel 10:                            No
 ABC iView:                             No
 Kayo Sports:                           No
 Optus Sports:                          No
 SBS on Demand:                         No
 Neon TV:                               Yes
 SkyGo NZ:                              No
 ThreeNow:                              No
 Maori TV:                              Yes
==============[ Korean ]===============
 Wavve:                                 No
 Tving:                                 No
 Coupang Play:                          No
 Naver TV:                              No
 Afreeca TV:                            Yes
 KBS Domestic:                          No
No IPv6 Connectivity Found, Abort IPv6 Testing...

Testing Done! 

Global Ping Test

BandwagonHost United States Los Angeles vCPU VPS Server Test and Review

CloudFlare Internet Test

BandwagonHost United States Los Angeles vCPU VPS Server Test and Review

PageSpeed Insights

BandwagonHost United States Los Angeles vCPU VPS Server Test and Review

GTmetrix Performance

BandwagonHost United States Los Angeles vCPU VPS Server Test and Review

Server Pricing

BandwagonHost United States Los Angeles vCPU VPS Server Test and Review

Official Website:




BandwagonHost is a well-known VPS provider that specializes in self-managed SDD VPS. They use top-quality and enterprise-grade equipment for their servers and offer a range of VPS hosting plans with different pricing options. Their service includes 24/7 monitoring, tight security with weekly security audits, and a premium network with a 1 Gigabit uplink connection. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to their customers.

In addition to features included in VPS plans, BandwagonHost also offers the following services (possibly for a fee): Backups, Block Storage, Object Storage, Load balancer, Floating IP addresses, Team Management, Managed databases, Serverless DDoS protection, Kubernetes and GPU instances.

Overall, BandwagonHost seems to be a reliable and cost-effective option for those looking for VPS hosting services.

Official Website:

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