e24cloud.com is a pioneering cloud computing solution that was first deployed by a Polish operator. Launched in 2011, it offered an alternative to the purchase or rental of servers for Polish companies.


e24cloud.com is a pioneering cloud computing solution first deployed by a Polish operator. Launched in 2011, it offered an alternative to purchasing or renting servers for Polish companies. Today, cloud solutions have become mainstream, and companies use e24cloud for various purposes, such as hosting ERP systems, back-office CRM and HCM applications, proprietary solutions, and e-commerce platforms.

e24cloud is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the market. Over the past decade, it has made significant strides in the local cloud market, becoming the first Polish 100% green cloud solution. This means that companies electing to use e24cloud can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and minimize the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure and processing needs.

The entire e24cloud infrastructure platform is maintained in data centers powered by 100% renewable energy. These facilities are among the most energy-efficient in Central Europe. Furthermore, the e24cloud platform runs on HPE GreenLake solutions, which consume 18% less energy than other hardware solutions, ensuring efficient and ecological infrastructure.

e24cloud’s customer base includes companies and institutions from Poland and abroad. The international manufacturing group BONG, Ecco Holiday, Ceramika Paradyż, Media4u, Pho3nix Foundation, and Poznan City Hall1 are among its customers.

e24cloud is also used in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. This is because the storing and processing of data occurs only in Poland. The solution fully complies with GDPR and European Commission directives on data privacy. The ISO 27001 standard confirms the information security management standards of e24cloud.

e24cloud is an infrastructure service (IaaS) that delivers flexible computing power and capacity to easily set up and manage your IT project’s needs. With infrastructure reliability, freedom, and dispersed geographical configuration of servers in the cloud e24cloud, you ensure support for your needs: development projects, business applications, platforms, and e-commerce web hosting.

e24cloud holds several certifications, including ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4, EN 50600 Class 4, ISO 27001, and ISO 14001. These certifications guarantee stability, business continuity, secure data processing, and a commitment to minimizing the negative impact of its business on the environment.

In conclusion, e24cloud.com represents a significant advancement in cloud computing technology. It offers a flexible and efficient solution for businesses looking to leverage the power of cloud computing while also committing to environmental sustainability.

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