Web Hosting that's fast, secure and eco-friendly. The Internet is a huge polluter of the environment. Start hosting your website on the world's leading eco-friendly web hosting provider and make a positive impact on the environment!


GreenGeeks is an American web hosting provider with 55,000 customers, managing 600,000 websites, and a lengthy 14 years of experience in green hosting. The company goes well beyond the simple energy-saving tricks of other web hosts. It calculates its energy consumption yearly, then pays for three times that in green energy and puts it back into the grid.

That’s not just carbon neutral; it’s carbon reducing. If that’s not enough, GreenGeeks has another more straightforward way to showcase its economic credentials: for every hosting account set up on the platform, the company plants one tree.

GreenGeeks offers low-cost shared hosting, ideal for personal users and simple business websites. WordPress and WooCommerce hosting allows you to build anything from a personal blog to a small web store.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a powerful technology that gives your site access to more CPU, RAM, and other system resources. It’s a smart choice for large or high-traffic sites, where top speeds are vital, and downtime could be a disaster. GreenGeeks also offers dedicated server hosting, where your server gets an entire site for maximum performance.

GreenGeeks stands out for its shared hosting, which despite its low starter prices, has enough features and speed for many home and business users. Relatively basic VPS and dedicated hosting mean GreenGeeks isn’t the best choice for the most demanding sites. Still, it’s worth considering for everything else, especially if you’re looking for an eco-friendlier provider.

In conclusion, GreenGeeks is arguably the best green web hosting web service available. Its lightning-fast servers, quick response times, and 24/7 support make it an excellent choice for small to midsize projects. However, a lack of dedicated hosting options and some not-so-great value-for-money prices hold it back – so read on to ensure GreenGeeks is right for you.

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