Minecraft Hosting plans begin at $2.50 and have the option of easily and automatically upgrading at any point, only charging you the difference between the upgraded package cost and your remaining days on your current plan.


Shockbyte, a leading Minecraft server hosting company since 2013, has established itself as a trusted provider in the gaming community. With a range of hosting plans starting at just $2.50, they offer comprehensive services that cater to the needs of all gamers.

What sets Shockbyte apart is their seamless upgrade system, which allows users to scale their hosting plans at any time effortlessly. By charging only the difference between the upgraded package cost and the remaining days on your current plan, they ensure a flexible and cost-effective solution for your Minecraft server needs.

Moreover, Shockbyte goes above and beyond to provide exclusive benefits to their customers. With guaranteed DDoS protection, 100% uptime, and always-online support, you can rest assured that your server will be secure and accessible at all times. Additionally, they offer free subdomains, MCPC, and MCPE cross-compatibility, along with various other perks, enhancing your Minecraft hosting experience.

Exciting news! Shockbyte has recently launched their 1.20 Trails & Tales server, which introduces game-changing features like the captivating Cherry Blossom biome, a range of Armor Trims, Bamboo decorations, and the highly-anticipated Sniffer mob. They offer a limited-time discount exclusively for this server to celebrate this update. Use the discount code “SNIFFER” to make the most of this offer.

When it comes to hosting plans, Shockbyte provides a variety of options to suit every budget and requirement. Starting with the affordable DIRT Plan at $2.50 per month, which offers 1GB RAM and 8+ slots, you can scale up to the TITAN Plan at $40.00 per month, featuring 16GB RAM, DDoS protection, NVMe SSDs, unlimited slots, and locations available in both NA and EU regions. If you have specific needs not covered by their existing plans, Shockbyte also offers tailor-made custom plans to fulfill your unique requirements.

With a strong reputation, Shockbyte has served hundreds of thousands of customers and hosted over half a million servers. To further demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction, they provide a full money-back guarantee within 72 hours if you cancel your order for any reason.

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