Deploy your projects on infrastructure built on Google Cloud Platform’s Premium Tier Network and C2 Machines. Choose between 35 data centers and an HTTP/3-enabled CDN with 275+ PoPs. Stay secure with isolated technology, two strong firewalls, and advanced Cloudflare-powered DDoS protection.


Kinsta is a cloud-based host from the USA specializing in providing high-end WordPress, web application, and database hosting solutions for projects and businesses of all sizes. Among the competition, it stands out for its powerful performance, well-thought-out, and beginner-friendly hosting options.

Kinsta offers high-end CPUs and global availability thanks to Google’s C2 machines on its premium tier network. By using these top-of-the-line CPUs, you are guaranteed that your website will be up and running faster than ever before.

To further improve the speed of your website, Kinsta also offers a global content delivery network with over 275 locations worldwide. This allows Kinsta to deliver fast pages and serve cached assets from your visitors’ closest location.

Kinsta also includes quality security features such as DDoS protection, SSL certificate, and malware scanning. It provides you access to high-performance servers and effective tools such as staging environments, automatic backups, unlimited visitors and bandwidth, and more.

However, Kinsta stands out with its sky-high prices as well. It has above-average prices and restrictions with storage, CDN, and monthly visits. It also does not offer domain registration services or telephone support.

In conclusion, Kinsta is a powerful and user-friendly cloud-based hosting solution providing services for WordPress websites, web applications, and databases. It offers high-performance servers, effective tools, and quality security features. However, it comes at a higher price than other hosting solutions.

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