HostDime builds long-term partnerships with clients thanks to a large array of managed cloud hosting products above industry standards and unmatched, passionate customer support.


HostDime is a global data center infrastructure company founded in 2003. They operate purpose-built public data center facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and their flagship facility in Florida, USA, and with owned networks in the U.K., India, and Hong Kong. HostDime’s mission is to design, build, and operate public Tier 4 data centers in emerging markets around the globe.

HostDime offers scalable cloud servers that can be created in seconds. You can scale CPU, RAM, and disk space as your needs change and only pay for the resources you use. Their cloud servers are highly available and feature automatic failover.

You can choose the data center closest to your target audience to provide your users with the fastest experience possible. HostDime has data centers in the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, India, and the United Kingdom.

HostDime’s cloud servers also come with various management options, including self-managed, managed, fully managed, and fully managed enterprise. You can also add a control panel to your cloud server to reduce the time spent on server tasks.

HostDime’s global edge data centers are facilities as close as possible to the end user, often in mid-sized cities. This helps enterprises increase performance, reduce latency, and gain lightning-fast speed on their deployment.

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