Develop, deploy, and scale your applications faster and easier than ever before with 99Stack Cloud. Build on a global network of data centers in the decentralized cloud with privacy by default.


99Stack is a decentralized cloud hosting provider that offers privacy by default. They have a global presence with public cloud resources on every continent near their customers, including areas typically under-served by other cloud providers. They do not collect more than the absolute minimum amount of personal information required to establish a contract and allow users to top up their balance with any major cryptocurrency, including privacy coins.

99Stack Cloud is powered by a wide range of fully independent data center operators, allowing users to manage their public cloud resources through a unified UI, without vendor lock-in or centralized dependencies. They offer enterprise-grade infrastructure for a fraction of the cost compared to Big Tech clouds, with hourly billing and pay-as-you-go deployment of public cloud instances and resources.

In addition to traditional cloud hosting services, 99Stack also offers object storage instances optimized for the storage of unstructured files and data. These instances are fully S3 compatible, fully scalable, and powered by the Min.io open-source object storage engine. All of their services are powered by KVM virtualization, tweaked for performance, well documented, and kept simple to ensure security, redundancy, and maximum performance.

99Stack provides an easy-to-use control panel that is fully responsive for desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. The control panel is customizable on the user’s profile page and allows users to switch between dark and bright modes based on their preferences. They also offer a well-documented, flexible, and easy-to-use API that allows users to manage their public cloud resources with ease. The API includes the management of accounts and payments for users who prefer an extra layer of privacy by using 99Stack’s public cloud completely without JavaScript.

Overall, 99Stack provides affordable and reliable hosting solutions from 50+ worldwide cloud data centers. Users can deploy new servers in less than a minute, scale up at any time, and pay only for what they use via flexible hourly billing. Servers can be customized into the smallest detail with full root access or chosen from 99Stack’s library of pre-configured server apps.

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