LightNode is self-developed and provides the essential IT infrastructure resources such as computing, storage, network and security.


LightNode is a global NVMe SSD VPS hosting provider with over 30+ locations worldwide. They offer a variety of data centers, POP nodes, and operators connected to their 10Tbps backbone network. LightNode provides high-performance global quality cloud servers with hourly and monthly billing options and 100% KVM virtualization.

Their platform offers several advantages, including a PC+Mobile terminal, customized configurations, one-click deployment, transparent cost, and more resources for less cost. They also have a content center with news and announcements about LightNode, a document center, and an idea maker.

LightNode offers a variety of VPS options, including entry-level, basic, and advanced, and the ability to configure your own VPS. They also offer a first recharge bonus for new users.

Their platform is simple and easy to use, with a powerful API that meets one-click deployment and management of LightNode hosts. They support multiple operating systems, including Windows, multiple Linux systems, WordPress mirroring, etc. They have over 100 data centers in 18+ nodes across 6 continents and 20+ countries.

LightNode also offers 24/7 support, with staff monitoring all services and networks non-stop to prevent hardware or network issues 2 proactively.

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