Genesis Cloud

Genesis Cloud

Transform your business using Genesis Cloud's high-performance infrastructure at a price you can afford. Whether you're creating machine learning models or conducting complex data analytics, Genesis Cloud provides the accelerators for any size application.

Genesis Cloud

Genesis Cloud is a cloud computing company that provides high-performance infrastructure at an affordable price. Their services are designed to help businesses transform by providing accelerators for any size application, whether for creating machine learning models or conducting complex data analytics.

Their infrastructure includes computing, storage, and network capabilities. You can create a GPU or CPU virtual machine in minutes with multiple configurations to fit your project’s size. Their storage volumes can dynamically expand as your data grows and are backed by a highly available storage cluster and encrypted at rest for added security.

Their data centers are built using a non-blocking leaf-spine architecture based on 100G switches, with each server connected with multiple 25G uplinks, and each account has its isolated virtual network for added privacy and security.

Genesis Cloud is also committed to environmental sustainability, offering infrastructure powered by renewable energy at an affordable price. They offer 5 hours of access to high compute power per day for $1, with prices for their GPUs ranging from $0.20/h for an RTX 3060 Ti to $0.84/h for an RTX 3090 Optimized.

Their pricing is simple and predictable, with a price estimator tool on their website to help you compare monthly costs and save with Genesis Cloud’s predictable and transparent pricing. They also offer committed use discounts for RTX 3090 and RTX 3090 Optimized instances, ranging from 20% off for monthly use to 50% off for yearly use.

Genesis Cloud values excellent customer satisfaction and supports all its customers worldwide 24/7. They have a user-friendly compute dashboard and a public API for developer access and integration.

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