EasyVM was founded in Early 2019, by a typical teenager that was glued to tech, to provide an exceptional service that others can fully depend on and trust.


EasyVM, a high-quality tech service, was established in early 2019 by a young tech enthusiast determined to provide a dependable and trustworthy solution for web hosting needs. The inception of EasyVM emanated from the founder’s struggle to find an affordable, reliable platform to host his portfolio. Beyond encountering hidden costs, ludicrous rules, unreliable uptime, and poor customer service, the founder was inspired to create a more reliable alternative.

Despite skepticism about his new venture’s feasibility, the young entrepreneur pursued his ambition with unwavering determination. Starting with a local audience composed of friends, family, and DFW Metroplex’s small businesses, the service’s reach has grown exponentially, catering to customers across hundreds of countries worldwide.

An initial milestone to achieve 100 customers within the first month was far surpassed, with this target hit within the company’s first week of public operation. This remarkable achievement resonates with many business owners.

The driving force behind EasyVM stems from a profound commitment to customer satisfaction and the passion that fueled its inception. The company consistently ensures service reliability and trustworthiness, offering a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) uptime and understanding the inconveniences downtime can present to its clients.

Powered by high-tier data centers and top-shelf hardware, the company extends an open-minded, transparent hosting solution to anyone, anytime, and anywhere at flat-rate, affordable pricing without hidden costs.

A unique aspect of EasyVM’s operations is its hardware ownership, excluding third-party influence or control. All operations within the United States are privately owned, operated out of data centers free from outside interference, which significantly enhances the quality of the service and the privacy level of its customers.

This structural advantage also catapults the company’s ability to provide swift and efficient services to global customers. Looking forward, EasyVM strives to offer an unparalleled flagship-quality experience unmatched by any other service in the industry.

Their pricing varies depending on the service and plans you choose. For example, their Dallas Ryzen VPS costs $6/month for 1 shared 3900x core, 50 GB NVMe storage, 2 GB RAM, and 2 TB bandwidth.

They also offer dedicated servers in Dallas starting at $79.99/month for 2x E5-2670 (16c/32t @ 2.60 GHz), 2x 1 TB SATA SSD, 128GB DDR3 ECC RAM, and 10 TB bandwidth. You can visit their website or contact support for more detailed pricing information.

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