BatuCloud is a game hosting company founded in 2020. Work with different companies first to see our quality.


BatuCloud is a web hosting company that provides fast and secure hosting services. They offer potent servers with solid infrastructure, including 10 Gbps VPS, NVMe and DDR4 ECC Memory, and Ryzen Virtual servers. They also offer dedicated server packages consisting of new-generation hardware, NVMe SSD disk, DDoS protection, and robust infrastructure.

BatuCloud has been in business for over 8 years and has over 500 clients, 1000 hosting accounts, 420 servers, and 3000 solved tickets. They pride themselves on providing their customers with a better location, uninterrupted performance, new-generation equipment, and unique service. They offer a money-back guarantee, quick support, and permanent solutions to ensure customer happiness.

Regarding security, BatuCloud uses Comnet secure uplink for DDoS protection and monitors all their servers with 24/7 monitors for their security. They also provide free transport for virtual servers in different companies or servers on ESX. BatuCloud offers both Linux and Windows virtual servers with reliable operating systems.

BatuCloud offers 10 Gbps KVM VPS with unshared and upgradeable resources without access issues for those looking for high-bandwidth VPS servers. These servers are ready in 1 minute and come with up to 48 hours of no-registered money-back guarantee.

They also offer Ryzen 7000 Series Dedicated servers with unshared resources, upgradeable resources without access issues, latest generation hardware, delivery in a few hours, up to 48 hours, no-registered money-back guarantee, and a high-performance guarantee.

Overall, BatuCloud seems like a reliable and secure option for those looking for web hosting or VPS services to create and manage their own websites.

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