Brand name, high-performance, bottleneck free servers available on multiple continents with fast delivery times.


FDCservers is a top network solutions company that offers dedicated servers in the USA, EU, APAC, Latin America, and Africa. They are the leading provider of dedicated servers in the USA and offer the best server hosting, colocation, IP transit, virtualization, etc.

FDCservers has data centers all over the globe to offer you the best deals and reliable service. From LA to Tokyo, they are here for you. They offer many products and services, including dedicated servers, CDN, colocation, VPS, IP transit, and reseller programs.

Their dedicated servers are brand-name, high-performance, bottleneck-free servers available on multiple continents with fast delivery times. Their CDN is no longer cost-prohibitive and offers a single best rate for any traffic volume with flexible CDN storage options delivered across 32+ locations.

Their colocation service provides secure and redundant facilities to house your servers, network components, and related infrastructure. They will rack, stack, and connect your equipment in any location across several continents. Their VPS servers are the best deals on the market, giving you value for money with guaranteed performance and capacity with complete control at your fingertips.

FDC has been home to clients with large bandwidth appetites since the early 2000s, thus becoming one of the most prominent global players in bandwidth consumption. FDCservers also offers a reseller program that provides an excellent opportunity to get up to 30% discounts when reselling FDC’s services to your end-users.

Test and Review

FDC Servers Netherlands Amsterdam AMD EPYC Unmetered 100Gb/s Bare Metal Server Test and Review

FDC Servers United States Chicago Guaranteed Performance VPS Server Test and Review


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