Spin up our extensive inventory of dedicated servers in Dallas and Silicon Valley. Deploy instantly or custom configure with short lead-times.


Spin Servers is a US-based provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that specializes in dedicated servers and custom-built private cloud solutions built on high-performance bare metal servers. They offer enterprise hardware at the click of a button at affordable rates with no upfront commitments.

Their dedicated server hosting comes with 10Gbps bandwidth, and you can spin up their large inventory of dedicated servers in Dallas and Silicon Valley. You can deploy instantly, or custom configure with short lead times. They offer single-tenant dedicated servers, which means you get reliable computing and can be at ease knowing your data is in their SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI-compliant data centers.

Spin Servers provision you on Dell, HP, Quanta, and Supermicro servers with high-performance Intel Xeon processors, error-correcting memory, and solid-state storage. They deploy with redundant networks and power. They know how to help you cover your bases.

They have data center staff on-hands around the clock to deliver fast, personalized support. Their executive team is built with a support-first mentality. They are here to deliver on their 99.999% uptime commitment.

In addition to dedicated servers or VPS, they also offer full-package colocation and custom private cloud deployments. Gopa Sheppillayar, CEO of Opsara Inc., says, “Regarding IT infrastructure, Spin Servers isn’t a traditional vendor – they’re a trusted partner. Arnav and the team have been a valuable extension for us in many large enterprise deployments. Opsara’s hybrid cloud and Kubernetes-as-a-Service leverage servers from Spin Servers both hosted and as hardware”.

In conclusion, Spin Servers offers a wide range of hosting solutions for beginners and professionals. They are a trusted partner for all your hosting needs with their enterprise hardware, reliable computing, 24/7/365 onsite support, and 99.999% uptime commitment.

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