The global bare metal platform. Deploy and manage high performance bare metal servers in seconds with the cloud native tools you already use.


Latitude is a global bare metal platform that allows you to deploy and manage high-performance bare metal servers in seconds with the cloud-native tools you already use. It is trusted by fast-growing companies worldwide and has 19 locations across 5 continents.


Latitude’s enterprise-grade infrastructure is located in the world’s most advanced data centers, and all locations are managed by Latitude and run the platform. This means that there are no third-parties or reselling involved.

Latitude also offers powerful APIs and integrations that are easy to use, allowing you to integrate faster and make changes to your environments.

Hosting Plans

If you’re interested in using Latitude for your web hosting needs, you can create an account on their website and start deploying bare metal servers globally. You can also contact their sales team to design a custom solution for your business.


In conclusion, Latitude is a reliable and powerful global bare metal platform that offers enterprise-grade infrastructure, powerful APIs and integrations, and the ability to deploy bare metal servers globally. It is a great option for beginners and professionals alike who are looking for a reliable web hosting solution.

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