Switching between GPU and CPU virtual machines is a breeze with Oblivus platform. You have the flexibility to deploy, modify, and rescale your virtual machines according to your needs, without any hassle.


Oblivus is a next-generation GPU cloud hosting brand that offers a range of services to its customers. Their infrastructure is equipped to meet the computing requirements of their clients, whether it be one or thousands of GPUs or one vCPU to tens of thousands of vCPUs. Oblivus claims to be 80% cheaper than its competitors and has three data centers and 10 GPU SKUs.

One of the critical features of Oblivus is its easy scalability. There are no quotas or complicated verification processes, and their API is lightning-fast, up to 30x faster than significant CSPs. This makes it easy for customers to deploy, modify, and rescale their virtual machines according to their needs without any hassle.

Oblivus offers a range of GPU and CPU instances at industry-leading transparent pricing. Their GPU instances start at $0.51/hr for an NVIDIA Tesla V100, which offers outstanding machine learning performance without breaking the bank. They also offer the latest technology, such as the NVIDIA RTX A6000, at a significantly lower cost than their competitors.

Their CPU instances start at $0.04/hr for an AMD EPYC Milan, which offers the highest performance and latest architecture. They also offer cost-effective options like the AMD EPYC Rome & Intel Xeon Scalable and general-purpose options with high core counts and boost clocks like the Intel Xeon v4.

Oblivus Cloud suits many use cases, including deep learning & AI, cloud gaming, VFX, and institutional supercomputing. Their infrastructure allows customers to access computational resources tailored to suit their models’ intricacies and perform large-scale inference with necessary libraries through their OblivusAI OS.

Their platform also offers a robust infrastructure for cloud gaming and streamlined workflows for VFX production and rendering at scale. For institutional supercomputing, Oblivus allows researchers to maximize the potential of their endeavors without allocating a significant budget toward infrastructure.

Regarding billing and payment methods, Oblivus offers a range of options for personal and business accounts. They also have an API for their infrastructure and offer support for organizations using Oblivus Cloud. They may also offer a free trial or credits for new customers.

Overall, Oblivus appears to be a promising hosting brand that offers a range of services at competitive prices. Their easy scalability and flexible infrastructure make them an attractive option for customers looking for a reliable hosting solution.

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