Scalable infrastructure built for production. Rent Cloud GPUs from $0.2/hour.

RunPod is a cloud-based GPU hosting service that offers a scalable infrastructure for production. It allows users to rent cloud GPUs starting at $0.2 per hour. The platform offers a range of secure GPU instances, including serverless GPUs, which can be deployed using public and private repositories. also offers AI endpoints that are fully managed and scaled for any workload, including Dreambooth, Stable Diffusion, Whisper, and more.

Thousands of companies for AI training, inference, and more trust It offers free bandwidth and a range of GPU options, including the A100 80 GB starting at $1.79 per hour, the RTX A6000 48 GB starting at $0.79 per hour, the RTX A5000 24 GB starting at $0.44 per hour, the RTX A4000 16 GB starting at $0.34 per hour, and the RTX 3090 24 GB starting at $0.44 per hour. The platform also offers a community cloud with vetted hosts, reliability more significant than 98%; many compute options, and rock-bottom pricing.

In addition to its community cloud, also offers a secure cloud with Tier 3/4 data centers, dedicated 1 Gbps burst, failover/redundancy, strict privacy & security, and enterprise-grade hardware. The platform also features cloud sync, allowing users to download or upload pod data to any cloud storage seamlessly. provides a CLI/GraphQL API that allows users to automate their workflow and spin up GPUs on the fly within seconds. Users can use Spot GPUs to run their compute jobs at low prices. The platform also offers OnDemand GPUs for jobs that require consistent reliability with no interruptions. Additionally, provides many access points for coding, optimizing, and running AI/ML jobs, including SSH, TCP ports, and HTTP ports.’s mission is to deliver the best user experience in core GPU computing. Whether you’re an experienced ML developer training a large language model or an enthusiast tinkering with stable diffusion, strives to make GPU resources as seamless and affordable as possible. The platform aims to provide an alternative to big cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure, which can be incredibly costly for developers.

In summary, is a versatile and affordable cloud-based GPU hosting service that offers a range of features and options for AI training, inference, and more. Its scalable infrastructure and user-friendly interface make it an attractive option for developers looking to harness the power of GPU computing.

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