ServeByte is now a premium provider of web hosting services with a worldwide coverage, based in Ireland.


ServeByte is a premium provider of web hosting services with worldwide coverage, based in Ireland. The company has been providing hosting services since 2005 and has come a long way from its early free web hosting days. ServeByte offers various services, including web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

One of the critical features of ServeByte is its service level agreement (SLA), which compensates for any drop in service quality. The company also offers free VPS backups at all of its VPS locations, providing daily backups to a secondary server at no extra cost. ServeByte prides itself on its fast and helpful support, going above and beyond to turn customers’ problems into relief.

For VPS, ServeByte uses the VirtPanel control panel to provide the best end-user experience to its customers. The company also allows customers to install Windows on VPS or dedicated servers using their license key, providing a low-cost option for long-term use.

ServeByte’s servers are high-quality, enterprise-grade hardware designed for minimal downtime and maximum durability. The company has several data centers, including Rural DC1 in Ireland, powered by 100% green, renewable energy from local industrial wind turbines. ServeByte aims to generate surplus electricity via solar panels during the day in 2023 and uses free-to-air cooling to reduce power requirements for cooling the facility.

Other data centers include Interxion DUB1 in Dublin, Ireland, which is suitable for low latency and high bandwidth requirements and is powered by 100% green tariff energy, and City Reach in London, Great Britain, which offers Corero SmartWall DDoS filtering and premium IP transit.

ServeByte’s servers are perfect for various uses, including backend cloud computing, remote desktop, website hosting, game servers, trading, and more. The company offers special deals and allows customers to build their servers with the necessary resourcesServeByte also offers classic VPS options with small virtual servers in large data centers and bare metal servers for exclusive hardware access.

In summary, ServeByte is a reliable and experienced provider of web hosting services focusing on customer satisfaction and high-quality hardware. Its range of services and options makes it an excellent choice for web hosting solutions.

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