Proudly offering delivering the best uncensored and privacy oriented hosting service around.


NiceVPS is a hosting provider that offers uncensored, bulletproof hosting services with a focus on privacy and security. They offer various services, including bulletproof VPS, bulletproof dedicated servers, zero logs VPN, and anonymous domains, all hosted in offshore locations.

One of the main features of NiceVPS is their commitment to confidentiality. They support full disk encryption under KVM-based Virtual Private Servers, allowing you to install from your custom media or official operative system ISO’s. They also prioritize your right to remain anonymous, requiring minimal information for signing up and supporting Tor Hosting and access to their site.

Regarding security, NiceVPS takes a proactive approach to protecting you from threats. They maintain the highest possible security standards, from physical server security to digital data protection. Anti-DDoS protection is included as standard.

NiceVPS also offers high availability, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee for your business. They achieve this by using redundant and hot-swappable hardware for maximum uptime. Their services are fast and reliable, with fast hardware and gigabit networks. They use the latest technologies, including NVMe-SSD disks and 10gbps fiber-optic network channels.

In addition to their technical capabilities, NiceVPS also offers premium support. Their friendly support staff is available 24/7/365 to help you with any problems you may encounter within your daily operations.

NiceVPS’s data centers are in offshore hosting locations, providing a secure background for your data and privacy. Their service runs from Dominica. They accept payment in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Zcash, and others.

In summary, NiceVPS is a hosting provider that offers a range of uncensored, bulletproof hosting services with a strong focus on privacy and security. Their offshore locations, commitment to confidentiality, and proactive approach to security make them attractive to those looking for a secure and private hosting solution.

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