Exoscale is a European cloud hosting provider that offers a solid alternative to other cloud hosting services.


Exoscale is a European cloud hosting provider that offers a solid alternative to other cloud hosting services. With data centers in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, and Switzerland, Exoscale provides a range of cloud hosting services, including compute, Kubernetes, DBaaS (Database as a Service), object storage, GPU servers, networking, virtual private cloud, DNS, and CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Compute: Exoscale’s compute service offers high-performance SSD cloud servers with self-sustained zones for resilient deployments. Users can take snapshots, create custom templates, and manage groups of machines using instance pools. Anti-affinity groups, IAM (Identity and Access Management), and organization management are also available.

Kubernetes: Exoscale’s Kubernetes service provides scalable Kubernetes clusters that can be started in just 100 seconds. Users can scale up and down worker nodes and have full control over the lifecycle management of the control plane. The service also includes support for CLI (Command Line Interface), API (Application Programming Interface), portal, Terraform, and deep NLB (Network Load Balancer) integration.

DBaaS: Exoscale’s DBaaS offers a fully managed database service with a wide range of open-source databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Kafka, OpenSearch, and Redis. The service is easy to start and provides end-to-end GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

Object Storage: Exoscale’s object storage service provides highly available multi-redundancy object storage with low latency, high bandwidth, and public or private secure HTTP(s) access. The service is compatible with the S3 API for simple tooling integration.

GPU Servers: Exoscale’s GPU servers offer direct passthrough access to NVIDIA GPU cards for maximum performance. Users can choose from 1 to 8 GPU cards and enjoy all the advantages of a regular compute server.

Networking: Exoscale’s networking service provides dual 25 Gbps secure private networking with security groups to manage firewall rules. The service also includes a network load balancer, elastic IP addresses, IPv6 for instances, and a virtual private cloud with cherry-pick private networking, dedicated hypervisors, and private connect. These features are available with a low commitment on shared and dedicated hypervisors.

DNS: Exoscale’s DNS service provides an anycast DNS network for low latency resolution with geo-replicated redundancy for optimal uptime. The service is simple and offers consistent and predictable pricing across regions. Exoscale’s CDN provides a simple-to-use content delivery network for all your assets. Users can cache objects in object storage buckets with one click.

Exoscale is built for teams and offers powerful concepts with simple interfaces. Users can easily use anti-affinity groups to spawn virtual servers in different data centers to ensure high availability. Firewall rules can be securely configured across any number of instances using security groups. Team members can be managed and access to infrastructure controlled using organizations, keypairs, and multi-factor authentication.

Exoscale offers simple, predictable pricing without long-term commitments or complicated usage discounts. Instance sizes are available for any workload, and pricing is based on one simple hourly rate prorated to the second. The price-performance ratio is industry-leading, and the service is genuinely pay-per-use. Traffic pricing is cluster-friendly, with free internal traffic between all instances, free inbound traffic, and 1 TB/month free outbound traffic per instance.

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