Fully Scalable Virtual Dedicated Servers. Resource bundle from which you can instantly deploy your own servers in multiple locations.


ImpactVPS is a web hosting company that offers virtual private servers (VPS) and other hosting services. It is a product of Subnet Labs LLC, a rapidly expanding and high-performance web hosting company based in Mechanicsburg, PA. The domain of Subnet Labs ( was just recently registered (November 2014), while was registered on May 2013. Both have public WHOIS information.

In February 2020, ImpactVPS and Impact Shared were transferred to Impact Host Ltd., a sister company of AlphaVPS and DA International Group Ltd., led by Alex Barakov and Vesko Vasiliev. The people behind this transfer have worked with ImpactVPS even before it existed. They have run the company’s night-time (US) support since the beginning of the brand and have been handling the day-to-day operations for the last 2 and a half years.

ImpactVPS offers a cloud OpenVZ resource bundle that customers can split into servers of their choice in all three locations: Seattle, Dallas, and NYC. They also offer free scheduled backups. Customers can provision VPS with IPv6 only if they choose to do so.

They utilize Dual E5v3 Intel Processors with 128GB of DDR4 Memory, 4-6 x 1TB SSDs, and a 10Gbps fiber connection to the node. They offer payment methods for PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, and Bitcoin. Customers can request a refund within three days if they are unsatisfied.

According to an email from Subnet Labs titled “ImpactVPS – A Step in The Right Direction,” no changes will happen for either of the two customer bases – ImpactVPS (All VPS, VDR, KVMs, and storage VPS), which Impact Host Ltd. acquires, and the customer base of Subnet Labs LLC (which consists of some enterprise customers, not related to VPS).

Services are not being migrated; they stay on the same hardware in the exact locations and brands. Additional and upgraded hardware is being added to the mix. Network upgrades are already happening! IP addresses are not changing, although there may be a renumbering of certain services at some point in the future.

The people answering support requests aren’t changing, but new support team members will be onboarded shortly. The base pricing stays the same. Big changes in terms of the platform are coming shortly (OpenVZ6 being retired is just an example).

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