World-class dedicated server solutions and cloud hosting services. The highest quality and exceptional features at a competitive price.


Clouvider is a cloud hosting services and dedicated server solutions provider. They offer high-quality cloud hosting services, connectivity, dedicated server solutions, and web hosting at competitive prices with a 100% SLA. Clouvider is a customer-centric specialist in cloud services and server solutions. They promise the latest technology and reliability built in at every level.

Clouvider takes a holistic approach to their services, taking the time to build a clear picture of who their customers are and what they do. This ensures that their hosting services meet their customers’ unique business needs. They offer bespoke advice and tailored solutions, with over a decade of experience.

Their specialists will tailor hosting and support levels to their customers’ needs. If a customer is unsure what they need, Clouvider will ask all the right questions to help understand their requirements and recommend the perfect solution in clear, accessible language.

Clouvider’s experts will work closely with their customers to develop a tailored solution that ticks all of the boxes for more advanced and technical needs. Clouvider is a group of customer-centric engineers who deliver dedicated server, cloud, and connectivity solutions with high-end service levels of impeccable quality delivered at truly competitive prices.

One of the services offered by Clouvider is managed cloud VPS hosting. When choosing Clouvider’s managed cloud VPS hosting for their business, customers will benefit from one of the fastest solutions available in the UK today. Not only is Clouvider one of the few cloud hosting providers to support IPv6 natively, but they also help their customers impress their visitors with razor-sharp loading speeds and rock-solid reliability.

In summary, Clouvider is a reputable cloud hosting services and dedicated server solutions provider that offers high-quality services at competitive prices. They take a customer-centric approach to their services, offering bespoke advice and tailored solutions to meet their customers’ unique business needs.

With over a decade of experience, Clouvider’s specialists can deliver high-end service levels of impeccable quality. One of their many services is managed cloud VPS hosting, which offers fast loading speeds and rock-solid reliability.

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