PhoenixNAP is a privately held organization of operational, networking, and management professionals that have worked in the datacenter and IT fields since the early 1990s.


PhoenixNAP is a privately held organization of operational, networking, and management professionals who have worked in the data center and IT fields since the early 1990s. The company is designed to be the primary network access point for all carriers in the Phoenix metro region, and it also strives to be a premier multi-tenant facility offering flexible data center solutions. The collective knowledge of this group is vigorously applied to design and develop a data center that focuses on operational performance and uptime.

The philosophy behind PhoenixNAP is what makes it so unique. Strategically designed to optimize the “four Ps” of data centers, PhoenixNAP has the Ping, Power, Pipe, and People to meet any need. The company offers a wide range of products and services for customers of all sizes, specializing in performance, security, and availability.

One of the featured solutions offered by PhoenixNAP is its Bare Metal Cloud. This cutting-edge computing technology boasts a 50 Gbps network and pay-per-use pricing, making it fast, scalable, and reliable. The company also offers colocation services with vastly redundant systems, unsurpassed security, high-density deployments, and flexibility to service from ¼ cabinets to private cage environments.

In addition to colocation services, PhoenixNAP offers dedicated servers with a 100% uptime guarantee, unmatched value, an extensive server lineup, the connectivity you need, no long-term commitment, and 24x7x365 live support. For those in need of cloud services, PhoenixNAP provides high-performance, scalable cloud solutions for your growing IT needs at affordable prices.

Security is a top priority for PhoenixNAP. The company’s core values start and end with security. Nothing is more vital to a successful network than its ability to be strictly controlled and protected. In addition to security services, PhoenixNAP also offers backup and restore solutions. The company is the ideal location for disaster recovery because its Phoenix location is in a natural disaster-free zone and because it can back up or mirror data to its global locations.

PhoenixNAP’s network provides high-bandwidth connectivity, enterprise-grade security, and exceptional performance, supplying a stable foundation for your business. The company has locations around the globe with full-service OpEx offerings and staffed to meet your needs. It offers a portfolio of IT services that can be utilized as a single service or combined as a custom solution built to fit your needs no matter where you are based.

In conclusion, PhoenixNAP is a leading provider of data center solutions focusing on performance, security, and availability. Its wide range of products and services and its global presence make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes looking for reliable IT solutions.

Whether you need colocation services, dedicated servers, cloud services, or backup and restore solutions, PhoenixNAP has you covered. With its commitment to security and its ability to provide customized solutions tailored to your needs, PhoenixNAP is a trusted partner for all your IT needs.

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