EPIC iO is a technology-focused company that provides innovative AI, connectivity, and IoT solutions for the public and private sector.


EPIC iO is a technology-focused company that provides innovative AI, connectivity, and IoT solutions for the public and private sectors. The company aims to deliver unbreakable connectivity solutions, more value from AI and IoT investments, and improved business outcomes.

One of the most popular solutions offered by EPIC iO is their DeepInsights Computer Vision Platform. This platform allows users to view live streams of their cameras and view analytics from historical events to understand trends and make data-backed decisions.

In addition to their computer vision platform, EPIC iO offers various other solutions. For example, their Remote Vision solution provides insight and surveillance in remote, hard-to-reach locations lacking WiFi and electricity access. Their Security Trailer, equipped with AI-enabled cameras and wireless connectivity, provides security and protects people and assets. EPIC iO also offers a License Plate Recognition solution to monitor high and low-traffic areas with LPR cameras to identify vehicles on wanted lists automatically.

EPIC iO also offers a range of connectivity solutions. Their WirelessWindow solution allows users to monitor data usage, manage their plans, and order more data from a single, convenient dashboard. They also offer Private Cellular Networks to reduce interference and provide greater privacy and security for operations.

Their Wireless Failover solution helps minimize downtime and ensure a continuous wireless connection. EPIC iO even offers an Analog (POTS) Replacement solution to replace expensive and aging copper lines with IP-based connectivity.

In addition to their AI, connectivity, and computer vision solutions, EPIC iO also offers a range of IoT solutions. Their DeepInsights IoT Insights Platform allows users to see all their IoT sensor data in one place, along with analytics of historical data and trends across all sensors. They also offer the AURA Autonomous whole-room disinfection solution that is tough on germs but gentle with surfaces while using zero chemicals.

Their Universal IoT Gateway (UiG) collects information and provides analytics at the edge so users can intake more high-quality data to drive their analytics. Finally, EPIC iO offers LoRA Based Sensors that deliver a cost-effective, low-power secure solution for monitoring assets over long distances.

EPIC iO is driven by its people’s high standards of excellence. Collaboration, autonomy, creativity, agility, and integrity are the values that guide the company’s focus on innovation and problem-solving for its valued customers and partners.

Overall, EPIC iO is a global AI and IoT technology provider that offers various innovative solutions to help businesses improve their operations and achieve better outcomes. Whether you need AI-enabled computer vision or secure connectivity solutions, EPIC iO offers something.

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