Virpus is a leading provider in the world of virtual private server (VPS) hosting, particularly specializing in XEN VPS Hosting and Bare Metal Cloud servers.

Virpus is a leading provider of virtual private server (VPS) hosting, particularly specializing in XEN VPS Hosting and Bare Metal Cloud servers. The company was founded in 2006 to provide virtualized solutions at highly competitive prices. Today, has become a reliable industry leader, offering various services, including SSD Cache VPS, Pure SSD VPS, and Bare Metal Cloud Servers.

The company’s commitment to providing reliable services at exceptionally competitive pricing is evident in its Xen SSD line-up. They have kept their prices low by owning as much of their operations as possible. From network gear to servers, down to fiber optics and copper, owns every physical equipment on their network in all locations. This allows them to pass on incredible savings to their customers.

In terms of product offerings, provides a variety of options for customers. Their SSD Cache VPS starts at $25 per year and offers high-performance Linux VPS hosting using SSD-Caching. For those seeking the highest level of performance, the Pure SSD VPS starts at $5 per month and is 100% SSD-powered. For customers requiring a single-tenant private bare-metal cloud, they offer the Bare Metal Cloud starting at $35 per month.

One of the unique aspects of is their use of Xen Paravirtualization for all Linux VPS Hosting instances and Xen HVM for their Windows VPS Hosting. This ensures that all RAM and Disk resources are dedicated and cannot be oversold. This commitment to resource integrity sets them apart in the industry. also offers migration assistance for customers moving from a competing Virtual Private Server company. They will move your sites to your VPS Hosting instance with them free. However, this requires you to have cPanel, Interworx, or Direct Admin on both the source VPS and your VPS with them.

In addition to their product offerings, also provides a rich template library that is constantly refreshed with the latest OS templates of Linux, including Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Slackware, and Ubuntu. They also offer Windows Server 2008.

Customer support is a priority for They offer in-house 24/7 support to assist you with any technical support requests. Their commitment to customer service has earned them positive feedback from their clients.

In conclusion, has established itself as a reliable and affordable provider in the VPS hosting market. Their commitment to customer service, resource integrity, and competitive pricing make them a preferred choice for many customers looking for virtualized solutions.

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