RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review

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RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review

We recently put the RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 high-end dedicated server to the test. It has two Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.60GHz processors, 32 GB of memory, 960 GB SSDs for storage, a 1 Gbps internet connection, 30 TB bandwidth, and one IPv4 address.

Here’s a rundown of the tests we ran:

  • We put the server through standard performance tests to see how fast and capable it is.
  • We tested the server’s connection to the internet worldwide and how quickly it responds to pings.
  • We looked at how well it unlocks media content from different regions.
  • We tested the internet link’s quality using CloudFlare’s tools.
  • We used PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to see how fast it can load web pages.

All these tests helped us gauge the server’s muscle and agility in handling web tasks.

About RoboVPS is a renowned provider of dedicated servers, offering a range of services to cater to the diverse needs of its global clientele. The company prides itself on delivering high-quality, reliable, affordable server solutions, focusing on dedicated servers.

Unlike shared hosting, where server resources are divided among multiple users, a dedicated server provides users exclusive access to the server’s resources. This allows for greater control, flexibility, and performance, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals with high-traffic websites or complex applications. offers dedicated servers in Germany and Russia, providing a choice of location to best suit the needs of its customers. The servers are enterprise-level equipment from leading manufacturers Dell EMC and HP, ensuring high performance and reliability. The server configuration can be customized upon request to support specific requirements. server configurations to choose including options for RAM, storage, and traffic. For instance, one of the available configurations includes a Quad Core Xeon E3-1230v2 with 16 GB RAM and 2 x 240 GB SSD storage. This flexibility allows users to select a server that fits their needs and budget.

In addition to dedicated servers, also offers a range of other services, including virtual servers, shared hosting, FTP servers, and SSL certificates. This comprehensive suite of services makes a one-stop shop for all your hosting needs.

Official Website:

BasicBench: Server Profile, I/O Speed, Upload and Download Speed

 CPU Model          : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz
 CPU Cores          : 32 @ 1495.917 MHz
 CPU Cache          : 20480 KB
 AES-NI             : ✓ Enabled
 VM-x/AMD-V         : ✓ Enabled
 Total Disk         : 879.1 GB (1.1 GB Used)
 Total Mem          : 31.3 GB (515.4 MB Used)
 Total Swap         : 977.0 MB (0 Used)
 System uptime      : 1 days, 18 hour 27 min
 Load average       : 0.99, 0.99, 1.00
 OS                 : Debian GNU/Linux 11
 Arch               : x86_64 (64 Bit)
 Kernel             : 5.10.0-26-amd64
 TCP CC             : bbr
 Virtualization     : Dedicated
 IPv4/IPv6          : ✓ Online / ✗ Offline
 Organization       : AS25446 JSC "ER-Telecom Holding"
 Location           : Moscow / RU
 Region             : Moscow
 I/O Speed(1st run) : 642 MB/s
 I/O Speed(2nd run) : 550 MB/s
 I/O Speed(3rd run) : 545 MB/s
 I/O Speed(average) : 579.0 MB/s
 Node Name        Upload Speed      Download Speed      Latency    940.91 Mbps       943.29 Mbps         1.20 ms     
 Los Angeles, US  452.63 Mbps       820.45 Mbps         176.91 ms   
 Dallas, US       560.81 Mbps       907.23 Mbps         149.78 ms   
 Montreal, CA     628.36 Mbps       936.44 Mbps         124.32 ms   
 Paris, FR        919.74 Mbps       961.91 Mbps         52.09 ms    
 Amsterdam, NL    921.54 Mbps       944.08 Mbps         43.53 ms    
 Shanghai, CN     254.38 Mbps       458.22 Mbps         326.28 ms   
 Chongqing, CN    2.09 Mbps         0.32 Mbps           590.88 ms   
 Hongkong, CN     284.74 Mbps       686.26 Mbps         244.50 ms   
 Mumbai, IN       411.88 Mbps       611.90 Mbps         234.02 ms   
 Singapore, SG    293.07 Mbps       836.39 Mbps         338.20 ms   
 Tokyo, JP        458.09 Mbps       908.84 Mbps         175.55 ms   
 Finished in        : 6 min 10 sec
 Timestamp          : 2023-12-18 08:49:28 MSK

YabsBench: Disk Speed, iperf3 Network Speed, Geekbench 6 Benchmark

Basic System Information:
Uptime     : 1 days, 18 hours, 42 minutes
Processor  : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz
CPU cores  : 32 @ 1196.857 MHz
AES-NI     : ✔ Enabled
VM-x/AMD-V : ✔ Enabled
RAM        : 31.3 GiB
Swap       : 977.0 MiB
Disk       : 878.2 GiB
Distro     : Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
Kernel     : 5.10.0-26-amd64
VM Type    : NONE
IPv4/IPv6  : ✔ Online / ❌ Offline

IPv4 Network Information:
ISP        : JSC \"ER-Telecom Holding\"
ASN        : AS25446 JSC \"ER-Telecom Holding\"
Host       : JSC \"ER-Telecom Holding\"
Location   : Moscow, Moscow (MOW)
Country    : Russia

fio Disk Speed Tests (Mixed R/W 50/50):
Block Size | 4k            (IOPS) | 64k           (IOPS)
  ------   | ---            ----  | ----           ---- 
Read       | 118.08 MB/s  (29.5k) | 410.85 MB/s   (6.4k)
Write      | 118.39 MB/s  (29.5k) | 413.01 MB/s   (6.4k)
Total      | 236.48 MB/s  (59.1k) | 823.86 MB/s  (12.8k)
           |                      |                     
Block Size | 512k          (IOPS) | 1m            (IOPS)
  ------   | ---            ----  | ----           ---- 
Read       | 407.92 MB/s    (796) | 411.09 MB/s    (401)
Write      | 429.59 MB/s    (839) | 438.47 MB/s    (428)
Total      | 837.52 MB/s   (1.6k) | 849.56 MB/s    (829)

iperf3 Network Speed Tests (IPv4):
Provider        | Location (Link)           | Send Speed      | Recv Speed      | Ping           
Clouvider       | London, UK (10G)          | 912 Mbits/sec   | 914 Mbits/sec   | 47.5 ms        
Scaleway        | Paris, FR (10G)           | busy            | busy            | 42.3 ms        
NovoServe       | North Holland, NL (40G)   | 921 Mbits/sec   | 919 Mbits/sec   | 38.7 ms        
Uztelecom       | Tashkent, UZ (10G)        | 913 Mbits/sec   | 746 Mbits/sec   | 49.6 ms        
Clouvider       | NYC, NY, US (10G)         | 859 Mbits/sec   | busy            | 106 ms         
Clouvider       | Dallas, TX, US (10G)      | 830 Mbits/sec   | 298 Mbits/sec   | 139 ms         
Clouvider       | Los Angeles, CA, US (10G) | 808 Mbits/sec   | 471 Mbits/sec   | 164 ms         

Geekbench 6 Benchmark Test:
Test            | Value                         
Single Core     | 607                           
Multi Core      | 4699                          
Full Test       |

YABS completed in 14 min 42 sec

UnixBench: CPU Performance, A Score Higher is Better

Benchmark Run: Mon Dec 18 2023 09:51:20 - 10:19:22
32 CPUs in system; running 1 parallel copy of tests

Dhrystone 2 using register variables       36588007.8 lps   (10.0 s, 7 samples)
Double-Precision Whetstone                     5197.7 MWIPS (9.8 s, 7 samples)
Execl Throughput                               4144.8 lps   (29.6 s, 2 samples)
File Copy 1024 bufsize 2000 maxblocks        708540.7 KBps  (30.0 s, 2 samples)
File Copy 256 bufsize 500 maxblocks          187194.9 KBps  (30.0 s, 2 samples)
File Copy 4096 bufsize 8000 maxblocks       2211910.4 KBps  (30.0 s, 2 samples)
Pipe Throughput                             1084727.2 lps   (10.0 s, 7 samples)
Pipe-based Context Switching                 159197.6 lps   (10.0 s, 7 samples)
Process Creation                               3921.1 lps   (30.0 s, 2 samples)
Shell Scripts (1 concurrent)                   4773.0 lpm   (60.0 s, 2 samples)
Shell Scripts (8 concurrent)                   2176.1 lpm   (60.0 s, 2 samples)
System Call Overhead                         764643.0 lps   (10.0 s, 7 samples)

System Benchmarks Index Values               BASELINE       RESULT    INDEX
Dhrystone 2 using register variables         116700.0   36588007.8   3135.2
Double-Precision Whetstone                       55.0       5197.7    945.0
Execl Throughput                                 43.0       4144.8    963.9
File Copy 1024 bufsize 2000 maxblocks          3960.0     708540.7   1789.2
File Copy 256 bufsize 500 maxblocks            1655.0     187194.9   1131.1
File Copy 4096 bufsize 8000 maxblocks          5800.0    2211910.4   3813.6
Pipe Throughput                               12440.0    1084727.2    872.0
Pipe-based Context Switching                   4000.0     159197.6    398.0
Process Creation                                126.0       3921.1    311.2
Shell Scripts (1 concurrent)                     42.4       4773.0   1125.7
Shell Scripts (8 concurrent)                      6.0       2176.1   3626.8
System Call Overhead                          15000.0     764643.0    509.8
System Benchmarks Index Score                                        1142.7

Benchmark Run: Mon Dec 18 2023 10:19:22 - 10:19:22
32 CPUs in system; running 32 parallel copies of tests

======= Script description and score comparison completed! ======= 

Looking Glass

Test IPv4:

Test Files: 10MB 100MB 1000MB

Global Node Test

 ## CDN Speedtest

 CacheFly :       0 B/s |      N/A       | ping   1.350ms
 Gdrive   :       0 B/s |      N/A       | ping  15.374ms

 ## North America Speedtest

 Softlayer, Washington, USA :   6.92 MiB/s |   55.33 Mbps  | ping 128.377ms
 SoftLayer, San Jose, USA   : 756.66 KiB/s |    5.91 Mbps  | ping 178.354ms
 SoftLayer, Dallas, USA     :       0 B/s |      N/A       | ping error!
 Vultr, New Jersey, USA     : 511.56 KiB/s |    4.00 Mbps  | ping 115.939ms
 Vultr, Seattle, USA        :  10.03 MiB/s |   80.24 Mbps  | ping 164.517ms
 Vultr, Dallas, USA         :  14.48 MiB/s |  115.81 Mbps  | ping 138.409ms
 Vultr, Los Angeles, USA    :  10.63 MiB/s |   85.02 Mbps  | ping 164.060ms
 Ramnode, New York, USA     :  21.75 MiB/s |  174.01 Mbps  | ping 105.765ms
 Ramnode, Atlanta, USA      :  14.28 MiB/s |  114.26 Mbps  | ping 143.796ms

 ## Europe Speedtest

 Vultr, London, UK            :  46.45 MiB/s |  371.57 Mbps  | ping  44.307ms
 LeaseWeb, Frankfurt, Germany : 106.32 KiB/s |    0.83 Mbps  | ping  43.175ms
 Hetzner, Germany             :     829 B/s |      N/A       | ping  41.297ms
 Ramnode, Alblasserdam, NL    :  56.26 MiB/s |  450.11 Mbps  | ping  41.197ms
 Vultr, Amsterdam, NL         :  54.17 MiB/s |  433.37 Mbps  | ping  39.579ms
 EDIS, Stockholm, Sweden      :   1.06 KiB/s |    0.01 Mbps  | ping  39.133ms
 OVH, Roubaix, France         :   0.99 KiB/s |    0.01 Mbps  | ping  45.425ms
 Online, France               :  33.84 MiB/s |  270.74 Mbps  | ping  42.186ms
 Prometeus, Milan, Italy      :   0.98 KiB/s |    0.01 Mbps  | ping  46.054ms

 ## Exotic Speedtest

 Sydney, Australia     :   1.07 MiB/s |    8.53 Mbps  | ping 346.624ms
 Lagoon, New Caledonia :     284 B/s |      N/A       | ping 304.146ms
 Hosteasy, Moldova     :  26.72 MiB/s |  213.79 Mbps  | ping  68.549ms
 Prima, Argentina      : 171.39 KiB/s |    1.34 Mbps  | ping error!

 ## Asia Speedtest

 SoftLayer, Singapore :       0 B/s |      N/A       | ping 288.140ms
 Linode, Tokyo, Japan :   1.85 MiB/s |   14.77 Mbps  | ping 304.618ms
 Linode, Singapore    : 719.17 KiB/s |    5.62 Mbps  | ping 279.053ms
 Vultr, Tokyo, Japan  :   2.83 MiB/s |   22.65 Mbps  | ping 288.813ms

 Benchmark finished in 103 seconds

Global Latency Test

RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review

Query: ping, interval: 5s, dense mode: no

Probing – RIPENCC /22 AS25446 ERTH-CLOUD – Russia

Media Unlock Test

 ** Test Starts At: Mon 18 Dec 2023 09:28:06 AM MSK

 ** Checking Results Under IPv4 
 ** Your Network Provider: ER-Telecom Cloud (77.106.*.*) 

============[ Multination ]============
 Dazn:                                  No
 HotStar:                               No
 Disney+:                               Failed
 Netflix:                               No
 YouTube Premium:                       No 
 Amazon Prime Video:                    Yes (Region: RU)
 TVBAnywhere+:                          Yes
 iQyi Oversea Region:                   INTL                               No
 YouTube CDN:                           ERTELECOM in Nizhniy Novgorod 
 Netflix Preferred CDN:                 Failed (CDN IP Not Found)
 Spotify Registration:                  No
 Steam Currency:                        RUB
 ChatGPT:                               Yes
 Bing Region:                           RU
No IPv6 Connectivity Found, Abort IPv6 Testing...

Testing Done!

CloudFlare Internet Test

RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review

PageSpeed Insights

RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review

GTmetrix Performance

RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review

Get Started with RoboVPS

RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review

Getting started with involves a few steps:

  1. Visit the Website: Go to the official website.
  2. Choose a Service: offers services, including dedicated servers, virtual servers, shared hosting, FTP servers, and SSL certificates. Choose the service that best fits your needs.
  3. Select a Plan: Each service comes with different plans. For instance, dedicated servers start from 6900 ₽ / month. Choose a plan that suits your requirements and budget.
  4. Customize Your Server: If you opt for a dedicated server, you can customize the configuration to support specific requirements.
  5. Create an Account: To purchase a service, you must create an account on the website.
  6. Make a Payment: accepts various payment methods, including VISA, Mastercard, Webmoney, Sberbank Online, Tinkoff, PayPal, Mir, Bitcoin, and Yandex.Money, PayMaster, RBK Money, Robokassa, Rapid Payment System, Paysera, Terminal, Qiwi, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, WeChat, Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards2. Choose a payment method that’s convenient for you and make the payment.
  7. Access Your Server: Once your payment is confirmed, you can access your server. provides a server management panel and IPMI included for free with each server1, which you can use to manage your server.

Remember, if you need assistance, offers customer support through various channels, including email, live chat, and phone. They also provide free basic system administration with each server if you order a commercial control panel.

Admin Control Panel

RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review provides a client dashboard to give users full control over their services. This dashboard is a comprehensive tool that allows users to manage all aspects of their dedicated servers.

The client dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and perform tasks. It provides a clear overview of the user’s services, including the status of their servers, usage statistics, and billing information.

One of the key features of the client dashboard is the server management panel. This panel allows users to perform various tasks, such as rebooting their server, reinstalling the operating system, and managing IP addresses. This gives users the ability to manage their servers without needing to have advanced technical knowledge.

In addition to server management, the client dashboard provides billing and account information access. Users can view their invoices, make payments, and manage their account details directly from the dashboard.

The client dashboard also includes a support section where users can submit tickets and communicate with the support team. This ensures that users can get help quickly when they need it.

Server Pricing

RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and ReviewView All Plans:


The merchant did not provide


RoboVPS Russia HPE ProLiant DL360 Dedicated Enterprise Level Server Test and Review offers a wide range of payment methods to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. They accept over 50 payment methods, including traditional options like wire transfers in Rubles/Euro, Sber Bank, Tinkoff Bank cards, and UnionPay (issued by Russian banks). They also accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT, ERC20, TRC20), Dash, LiteCoin, Binance, DogeCoin, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, and Tron.

In addition to these, they also accept payments through WebMoney, YooMoney, QR code, Cash, QIWI, and Perfect Money. They have even connected the QR-code payments of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, making it easier to pay the bill and top up the balance.

The pricing for their services is transparent and clear. A commission rate is applied on top of the service price for most payment methods. The commission rate may vary from 0 to 10%, and customers can always see the commission rate before making a payment. follows the Russian Federation legislation for accepting payments. They use an internal exchange rate based on the rate set by the Russian Central Bank plus 3%. This internal exchange rate may change during Russian Ruble volatility per their decision and without notice.

They prioritize the security of their customers’ payments. They adhere to the common standard – “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” (PCI DSS) and use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Verified by Visa, Secure Code technologies to guarantee safe and secure payments for customers.

As for refunds, they do not provide refunds for domain registration, renewal, transfer, or services whose billing period is less than or equal to one month. Refunds for unused money from the customer balance are made in the same way and to the same purse from where the payment was made, except when the customer violates the terms of services or due to technical reasons. Bank and processing fees are applied to refunds.

Customer Support takes pride in its customer support, a crucial part of its service. They have a dedicated team of experienced employees ready to assist customers with their needs.

Their customer support is accessible through multiple channels, ensuring that help is always just a few clicks away. They offer a ticketing system through the client dashboard, where customers can submit their queries or issues. This system allows for efficient tracking and resolution of issues.

In addition to the ticketing system, they also provide support via email. This allows for more detailed communication and can be particularly useful for complex issues that require extensive explanation or documentation.

One of the standout features of’s customer support is that they do not outsource their support or administration. This means that when you contact for support, you communicate directly with their team. This can lead to faster resolution times and more accurate information, as the support team is intimately familiar with the services they provide.

Moreover, they have a comprehensive Help section on their website. This section contains useful information and guides on various topics, such as using their FTP data storage service, working with ISO images on virtual servers, and more. This self-help resource can be a quick and convenient way for customers to find solutions to common issues or learn more about their services.


In our Basic Bench test focusing on input/output operations and network speeds, the server showed impressive I/O speeds ranging from 545 MB/s to 642 MB/s. The upload and download speeds varied widely depending on the location, with recording nearly 941 Mbps for both, but speeds dropped significantly when connecting to areas like Chongqing, China. This suggests that while the server is powerful, geographical factors affect its networking performance.

The Yabs Performance Bench revealed strong and consistent mixed read/write speeds, showing the server’s quick data handling. For the finer points of computing muscle, the Geekbench 6 and UnixBench scores illustrated a high level of CPU performance, with particularly striking throughput capabilities as indicated by the UnixBench index score of 1142.7.

The server’s ability to bypass regional restrictions for media services was more hit or miss. It could access Amazon Prime Video and TVBAnywhere+ in the Russian region but didn’t fare well with other popular platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube Premium.

In summary, the RoboVPS Russia server demonstrated significant strength in processing power and storage speed, making it suitable for data-intensive tasks. However, its network speeds are influenced by location, and it has limited capability in terms of media service accessibility beyond its home region. Overall, it’s a robust server with some regional usage considerations to remember.

Official Website:

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