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Atlantic.Net is a company that offers a variety of hosting solutions, including dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud platform hosting. They have been providing hosting solutions since 1994 and have a network backed by diverse high-speed direct connections to the Internet.

Dedicated server hosting is one of the options available from Atlantic.Net. This type of hosting provides you with a private, physical server with full root access.

Atlantic.Net uses the latest hardware specs from premium server hardware providers to ensure excellent uptime, protected by their 100% uptime SLA. Three dedicated server hosting options are available from Atlantic.Net: Dedicated Hosts, Bare Metal Servers, and Dedicated Servers.

Dedicated Hosts are private computing nodes with full root access that are fully dedicated for your use. They are perfect for organizations looking for substantial cost savings from larger infrastructure deployments that want to gain economies of scale to help sustain business growth. Dedicated Hosts are available and managed directly from the ACP Cloud Control Panel.

Bare Metal Servers are custom-hosted servers for clients who require full control but want to offload challenges associated with server maintenance tasks.

Dedicated Servers are a standalone hardware offering not tied to existing Cloud platforms or hypervisors. The hardware is solely set up for your requirements, along with any additional Managed Services to ensure the hosting environment meets your needs.

In addition to dedicated server hosting, Atlantic.Net also offers VPS hosting, cloud platform hosting, and managed services. Their VPS hosting includes features such as a RESTful API, cPanel integrations, one-click applications, RAID-10 storage and backup, and Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD 2 support.

Their cloud platform includes features such as dedicated hosts, VPS & one-click apps, API, backup, snapshots, DNS, secure local and block storage, and Windows, Linux, FreeBSD & cPanel 2 support. Their managed services include server management, network edge protection, managed firewall service, intrusion prevention systems, and Trend Micro security systems.

Overall, Atlantic.Net offers a wide range of hosting solutions to meet the needs of beginners and professionals looking to create and manage their websites. I hope this information helps you in writing your article!

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