Managed Wordpress Servers for BETTER Websites. Enjoy blazing fast loading speeds, cutting-edge security, and on-time Concierge-Style support for top performance and better search results.


WPOven is a managed WordPress hosting provider that offers unlimited websites on their servers. They provide blazing-fast loading speeds, cutting-edge security, and on-time Concierge-Style support for top performance and better search results.

WPOven offers private servers that are faster than the Roadrunner. These dedicated, WordPress-optimized servers provide consistent, high performance without roadblocks or unpredictable downtimes. WPOven also offers a no-site limit policy, meaning you can host all your sites at a fixed price. There is no overage or excess billing on any of their plans.

In addition to their private servers and no site limit policy, WPOven offers Concierge support beyond 24x7x365 support. If you need something done on your site, you can talk to them, and they will take care of it.

WPOven also offers several features that stand out from other hosting providers. They offer a 100% uptime SLA, meaning they promise 100% server uptime or will pay you 10x the downtime costThey also offer blazingly fast speeds with server-level in RAM cache for incredible speeds. Backups are included in all plans with Amazon S3-based daily backups. WPOven also has global coverage with their data centers, so there is always one near you.

They also partner with Cloudflare to deliver your assets fast worldwide with their worldwide CDN. SSL is included for all sites with free Let’s encrypt based SSL that can be deployed with one clickWPOven also offers daily malware scans, a web application firewall, and bot protection built in for added security.

WPOven also offers a custom panel for one-click actions for creating, cloning, backups, and staging sites. They also offer premium add-ons for some popular plugins and themes. If you are hosting sites for clients, WPOven offers a white-label client panel where your clients can pay you directly.

WPOven’s pricing is simple. They offer unlimited sites starting at $19.95 monthly for their Hobby plan. Their other plans include Personal, Professional, Business, and Agency plans which offer more resources and features at higher price points.

Overall, WPOven is an excellent choice for managed WordPress hosting. They offer a wide range of features and services at competitive prices. Their private servers, no site limit policy, and Concierge support make them stand out from other hosting providers. If you are looking for a reliable and high-performing hosting provider for your WordPress sites, WPOven is worth considering.

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