Evolution Host

Evolution Host

Evolution Host is a premium VPS Hosting provider also specializing in game servers and a variety of other software.

Evolution Host

Evolution Host is a premium VPS Hosting provider that specializes in game servers and a variety of other software. The company has been revolutionizing the hosting industry by combining low prices with outstanding service. Their critically acclaimed support has become renowned for its timely responsiveness and helpful nature.

Evolution Host offers various services, including VPS Hosting, Game Servers, DDoS Protection, and more. Their VPS Hosting service provides customers with the freedom and flexibility of their virtual server environment, with dedicated resources and the choice of Linux or Windows VPS. The service includes KVM Virtualization, Instant VPS Deployment, Advanced DDoS Protection, 14 Hosting Locations, Enterprise Grade Hardware, 65,535 IPv6 Addresses, and Full VPS root access.

In addition to VPS Hosting, Evolution Host also offers Game Servers that are fully optimized and purpose-built for hosting all of your favorite games in many locations. The service includes a Custom Control Panel, Instant Setup, Optional DDoS Protection, Free MySQL Database, Choice of Locations, Enterprise Grade Hardware, Low Latency Network, and Unlimited reinstalls.

Evolution Host also provides purpose-built Game DDoS protection to protect larger servers from attacks. The protection is applied to various games and can be applied remotely or locally. The company has custom-built solutions for each game and provides dedicated support to ensure your game servers are protected from attack.

Other services offered by Evolution Host include VDS Hosting, which provides a more robust environment for more resource-intensive applications; Game VPS, which combines the convenience of VPS hosting with the full control of game server hosting; and Remote DDoS Protection, which allows you to remotely protect any application or game server by routing your traffic through their network of advanced filtration systems.

Evolution Host has servers in Canada, USA, Germany, UK, Poland, Finland, France, Asia, and India so that users can benefit from the lowest latencies possible. The company also uses the latest hardware to provide CPU frequencies of up to 5Ghz, lightning-fast DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSDs, and gigabit networking. This ensures that your applications are hosted on an infrastructure built for the future.

In terms of security, Evolution Host services benefit from state-of-the-art DDoS protection. Multiple filtering layers protect your services from attacks of any size, strength, and duration. This ensures unparalleled reliability and uptime to support the growth of your websites, applications, and game servers.

Overall, Evolution Host is a reliable and affordable hosting provider that offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of its customers. Their outstanding support and commitment to providing high-quality services make them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a hosting provider. If you want to learn more about Evolution Host and its services, visit their website at evolution-host.com.

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