With Onevirt, your business will grow faster with Our affordable and powerful and Easily to deploy cloud computing services.


Onevirt is a company that provides affordable but powerful servers for all your needs. With Onevirt, your business will grow faster with their affordable and easily deployable cloud computing servicesThey offer various services, including VPS hosting, cloud computing, and shared web hosting.

Onevirt gives you value for money by offering countless interactive features at a very affordable price. With Onevirt, you can start and grow your web projects with just a few clicksTheir customer support is available 24/7 to assist you at any time of day or nightThey also guarantee 99.9% server uptime, so you can buy servers without worrying about server downtime.

Onevirt provides remote management, which allows you to install an operating system, reboot, and set up rDNS with just a few clicks within their console. This feature will save you valuable timeTheir servers also include up to 10TB of outbound bandwidth monthly at up to 10Gbps network speed, while inbound bandwidth is always free.

Regarding backups and security, Onevirt provides snapshots and backups (chargeable features) with their VMs, which you can use to store your data outside their networkThey also provide powerful features such as one-click reinstall of operating systems using pre-made templates or by installing your own ISO image of an OS from their console without waiting for support.

Onevirt takes the security of their clients seriously. They do not store any payment-related data inside their servers, and all payments are made through payment gateways such as Stripe, RazorPay, etc. You can add or remove your card details anytime you want. They currently accept payment using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Netbanking, and UPI (for Indian clients) but do not accept virtual, electronic, ic, or prepaid cards.

Onevirt hosts all their servers in a Tier III, ISO-certified data center called Serverius in Dronten, Netherlands. Serverius is one of the 3 largest Dutch data center internet connectivity suppliers in the Netherlands and offers a wide range of premium carriers and routes as well as all major Internet Exchanges with many direct fiber peers combined in one internet connectivity service.

In summary, Onevirt is an affordable and powerful cloud or VPS service provider offering better hardware, connectivity, speed, and customer support at a very affordable price. It’s a great choice for beginners and professionals who want to create and manage their websites using hosting or VPS services.

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