ICT Solution, Site Selection, Hardware Procurement, Connectivity, Deployment, Maintenance and Support. Attractive Reseller Programs for 1Tbps+Asia-Optimized IP Transit, Leased Line, SD-WAN, and Data Center Resources.


Raksmart is an exceptional web hosting provider that stands out for its top-rated services and diverse range of hosting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Whether you require dedicated server hosting, VPS, cloud servers, or bare metal servers, Raksmart has the ideal solution.

Their Bare Metal Server offers unparalleled performance and control, empowering businesses with the necessary resources to thrive. If you’re looking for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions, Raksmart’s Cloud Server is the perfect fit. Their Dedicated Server Hosting delivers outstanding results for those who demand maximum control, security, and performance. With their VPS, you can benefit from scalable and customizable virtual server solutions catering to your requirements.

Raksmart also excels in providing reliable, secure, and affordable Web Hosting services. Their Managed Colo offers a comprehensive data management solution that prioritizes security and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, Raksmart ensures a secure and credible online presence through their Domain Registration services, enabling businesses to establish their digital identities effortlessly. Last but not least, their Container solution enables efficient, scalable, and flexible application deployment.

With its rapidly expanding global footprint, Raksmart has established a strong presence in strategic locations such as Portland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. They go above and beyond by offering cloud integration services that seamlessly integrate your services across the public, private, and bare-metal cloud.

Furthermore, Raksmart’s managed colocation capability provides one-stop services across all their strategic locations, ensuring convenience and reliability. Their agile and intelligent network services, boasting a capability of over 1T+, add an extra layer of excellence to their offerings. With 24/7 support and over 13 years of experience, Raksmart demonstrates superb management capability.

Notably, Raksmart is renowned for its CN2 GIA premium network, tailored for fast access from mainland China. They maintain numerous data centers, including locations in Southeast Asia and the United States, cementing their commitment to a global reach.

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