Hosting platform that deploys your web applications. Hostman lets you launch your apps in a few clicks using a friendly interface. The pricing is fair and transparent.


Hostman is a cloud platform that deploys and scales your web applications. It is a hosting platform that lets you launch your apps in a few clicks using a friendly interface. The pricing is fair and transparent.

Hostman downloads your code from Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket and monitors changes to deploy when you push the code. You can choose your framework, and Hostman will optimize deploy and launch settings. Just click “Deploy,” and Hostman will do the rest. When the deployment is ready, Hostman will provide you with a domain and free SSL.

Hostman offers many features such as auto-deploy from Git, out-of-the-box CI/CD, multiple services on one server, deployment to the global edge network, SSL-first cloud platform, pull request previews, instant rollbacks to any version, split testing, password-protected sites, and support for all popular frameworks.

Hostman also offers VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) hosting for any workload. You can create a VDS by Hostman to build, test, and grow your app from startup to scale. It offers different configurations, the best VM, and fast-speed NVMes under the hood of your VDS.

VDS features include NVMe SSD shared hosting storage, top-class hosting infrastructure, control panel features, support for a wide range of operating systems, full access to VDS’s OS (that you can also choose), and fast-speed virtual servers.

VDS is more cost-effective than shared hosting and provides more flexibility and efficiency. You can host multiple websites with Hostman VDS and have fast, 24/7 support in chat.

In conclusion, Hostman is a reliable and scalable cloud platform with many features for deploying and scaling web applications. It also offers VDS hosting for more flexibility and efficiency. Its pricing is fair and transparent, and it provides fast, 24/7 support in chat.

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