Anonymity, Uncensored, Security. Your one and only destination for true offshore hosting services, powered by an ethical team of professionals


PrivateAlps is an offshore cloud computing service provider that prioritizes privacy, anonymity, and security. Their motto is “Your Privacy, Our Priority” and they are committed to providing accurate offshore hosting services powered by an ethical team of professionals.

One of the key features of PrivateAlps is their commitment to confidentiality. They support full disk encryption under KVM-based virtual private servers, ensuring your data is only for your eyes. They also have a flexible content policy and a boundless commitment to free speech, tested and proven repeatedly. If allowed in their terms, they will host it and keep it up regardless of any pressure to take it down.

In terms of security, PrivateAlps protects their client’s data. Their custom billing panel, developed in-house, employs end-to-end encryption and utilizes multiple algorithms to ensure data is secure. They do not involve third parties in handling their clients’ information; all data is encrypted, setting them apart from other cloud providers.

PrivateAlps also offers fast and reliable services using the latest available technologies. THEY PROVIDE THE BEST AND FASTEST SERVICES from SSD disks to 10gbps fiber-optic network channels. They also have a premium support team available 24/7/365 to help solve any issues quickly and professionally. For your convenience, support is offered in English, German, Swedish, and French.

In terms of availability, PrivateAlps provides premium quality uncensored hosting using redundant and hot-swappable hardware for maximum uptime. Their services range from Linux virtual servers available in Switzerland with full DMCA ignored, dedicated IP addresses, full disk encryption (KVM only), nested virtualization support (KVM only), custom ISO installs (KVM only), free basic DDoS protection service, anytime OS reinstallation, dedicated CPU and RAM resources, and management service available.

They also offer Windows virtual servers with similar features as well as web-hosting (CH) with domain not included, Cpanel panel, PHP selector (PHP versions can be switched), free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates (HTTPS), anonymized access logs by default, free basic anti-DDoS protection service, app installer for popular software available.

Additionally, they offer Tor hidden hosting where you can easily host your site on the Tor network and manage everything with the aaPanel interface and unique .onion domain. Finally, they offer VPN services in Switzerland with internal DNSCrypt and TOR support, Stunnel and Obfsproxy support (bypassing restrictive firewalls), and a NAT firewall.

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