EhostIDC is a global IDC (Internet Data Center) that provides the best IDC services to local and overseas users through years of accumulated know-how and expertise.


EhostIDC stands as a global leader in the Internet Data Center (IDC) sphere, dedicating its mission to delivering top-tier IDC services to users worldwide. Leveraging its extensive expertise and refined skill set built over the years, it has carved out a robust presence, headlined by its main IDC site in Seoul, South Korea.

With EhostIDC’s vast network encompassing proprietary IDC infrastructures across 30+ countries, it excels in facilitating overseas hosting services. Their diversified range of offerings includes unrivaled server hosting, adaptable cloud infrastructure, bulletproof security, and proactive management solutions, designed to meet the nuanced needs of various users.

The bedrock of EhostIDC’s services is its dedicated 24/7 support team. Rigorously maintaining servers to guarantee superior performance, ironclad security, and an impressive 99.99% uptime, they spearhead a user-centric strategy that places their clients first.

Their unique services span from dedicated servers — globally optimized to offer unlimited traffic and a burstable, uncongested 99Gbps port without any automatic coverages — to versatile AI GPU server hosting options, catering to those seeking a superior Artificial Intelligence experience.

Moreover, exploring EhostIDC’s colocation service unlocks the opportunity for businesses to host their servers in a Tier 3 data center in Korea, buttressed by an enhanced network line. Whether you need a small location (1U) or entire racks, EhostIDC provides various scalable solutions tailored to customer-specific requirements.

In essence, EhostIDC encapsulates the pinnacle of a global IDC, delivering superior-quality IDC services to users near and far. If you’re in pursuit of a seasoned, dependable IDC provider that places your needs paramount, EhostIDC positions itself as the clear choice.

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