Bigstep is a bare metal cloud startup, focused on high performance and low latency workloads. The company is headquartered in London, UK, and was founded by Lucas Roh, the CEO, in 2013.


Bigstep is a bare metal cloud startup focused on high-performance and low-latency workloads. The company is headquartered in London, UK, and was founded by Lucas Roh, the CEO, in 2013. Originally, Bigstep’s primary product was the Metal Cloud, built by a team of technology enthusiasts for running big data workloads. However, due to customer demand, the company has since expanded towards general-purpose cloud infrastructure utilizing bare metal rather than virtualization.

The Metal Cloud is an on-demand bare metal provider that offers a 360-degree server solution. With the help of Bigstep’s support team, customers can leverage the power of fast and scalable dedicated servers. By choosing Bigstep Advanced Managed Services, customers can get up to a 50% discount on their bare metal dedicated servers.

One of the key features of the Metal Cloud is its ability to deploy quickly. Customers can grow their infrastructure as needed and dynamically increase storage size to meet changing needs. The platform also offers high-speed networking with up to 4 x 10gbit ethernet connections, allowing customers to remove all bottlenecks. Additionally, hardware upgrades can be performed with just a few clicks and minimal downtime.

The Metal Cloud offers increased security by providing customers with their single-tenant machine. This means that data is safe and not shared with other customers. Furthermore, cost predictability is another crucial feature of the platform. Customers can know upfront what to expect and won’t have to worry about unexpected bills.

Bigstep also offers a variety of learning resources for its customers. These include tutorials, case studies, whitepapers, and more. Customers can also read the latest news and updates the Bigstep team shares on the company’s blog.

In summary, Bigstep is a company that provides high-performance and low-latency cloud infrastructure through its Metal Cloud product. The platform offers a variety of features, such as quick deployment, scalable storage, high-speed networking, instant hardware upgrades, increased security, and cost predictability. Customers can also use Bigstep’s learning resources to get the most out of their infrastructure.

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