A server based on a hardware virtualization system gives you complete freedom of action! FairyHosting virtual servers use SSD drives which provide incredible speed working with your websites.


FairyHosting is a web hosting company that has been providing services for businesses since 2010. They offer a variety of hosting solutions, including SSD VDS servers, dedicated servers, and colocation services. Their servers are known for their fantastic speed, maximum performance, and absolute control, with a 1 Gbit/sec connection speed and guaranteed uptime.

FairyHosting is based in Estonia and is a leader in the business hosting segment, offering innovative solutions for their clients’ projects. They pride themselves on finding solutions tailored to their client’s needs rather than imposing pre-made solutions. Due to their excellent geographical position, they can offer fast data transfer and low ping for residents of Russia, CIS countries, and Europe.

FairyHosting follows strict security procedures in accordance with European law when it comes to the storage and processing of personal data. This means that when working with FairyHosting, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your sensitive personal data.

FairyHosting offers virtual servers based on hardware virtualization systems that provide complete freedom of action. All their virtual servers use SSD drives which provide incredible speed when working with websites or other data. Their virtual server plans start from €10.89/month. They also offer dedicated servers that guarantee the best service availability and complete security. Their dedicated server plans start from €59/month.

In addition to their hosting services, FairyHosting also offers migration services to help you move your projects to their servers as transparently as possible and in a reasonable amount of time. They can transfer projects of any complexity, from a corporate webpage to an entire infrastructure of several dozen pieces of equipment. Planning, consulting, and implementation are all handled by their specialists.

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