Vultr Canada Toronto AMD vCPU High Performance VPS Hosting Test and Review

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Vultr Canada Toronto AMD vCPU High Performance VPS Hosting Test and Review

We are embarking on a trial of the Vultr Canada Toronto Shared vCPU VPS Server, an impressively versatile solution ideal for various applications. This server supports web and application servers, E-Commerce platforms, game servers, video and audio streaming services, API hosting, and relational databases.

Under the hood, the server boasts the exceptional power of the AMD EPYC-Rome Processor, ensuring high performance and reliability. With a configuration encompassing 2 CPU cores, 4 GB of RAM, and 100 GB of NVMe SSD storage, this server guarantees ample resources to meet your requirements.

Accompanied by an impressive bandwidth allowance of 5 TB, you can seamlessly handle substantial data traffic. Additionally, the server comes equipped with IPv4 and IPv6 support, further enhancing its connectivity capabilities.

About Vultr

Vultr is an exceptional cloud computing platform that delivers unparalleled ease of use, an outstanding price-to-performance ratio, and worldwide accessibility for businesses and developers. By logging in just once, users gain access to Vultr’s services across 15 countries and 32 cities, allowing them to deploy cutting-edge SSD VPS on the global Vultr network within 60 seconds.

One remarkable aspect of Vultr is its diverse product lineup, catering to the unique requirements of various users. These offerings include cloud computing, optimized cloud computing, cloud GPU, bare metal, block storage, load balancers, Kubernetes, and object storage.

Each of these products is meticulously designed to provide remarkable flexibility and scalability, ensuring they can readily adapt to the evolving needs of businesses and developers. Moreover, Vultr hosts an extensive marketplace where users can effortlessly explore and deploy popular applications and games, enhancing the platform’s utility and convenience.

Vultr is a pioneering cloud computing platform that empowers users to deploy and manage their infrastructure effortlessly. Its expansive global presence, user-friendly interface, and highly competitive pricing make it a trendy choice for businesses and developers.

Official Website:

Basic Bench

 CPU Model          : AMD EPYC-Rome Processor
 CPU Cores          : 2 @ 1996.249 MHz
 CPU Cache          : 512 KB
 AES-NI             : Enabled
 VM-x/AMD-V         : Disabled
 Total Disk         : 93.8 GB (10.6 GB Used)
 Total Mem          : 3.8 GB (114.3 MB Used)
 Total Swap         : 8.0 GB (0 Used)
 System uptime      : 0 days, 0 hour 24 min
 Load average       : 0.00, 0.02, 0.00
 OS                 : Debian GNU/Linux 11
 Arch               : x86_64 (64 Bit)
 Kernel             : 5.10.0-23-amd64
 TCP CC             : bbr
 Virtualization     : KVM
 IPv4/IPv6          : Online / Online
 Organization       : AS20473 The Constant Company, LLC
 Location           : Toronto / CA
 Region             : Ontario
 I/O Speed(1st run) : 1.1 GB/s
 I/O Speed(2nd run) : 1.1 GB/s
 I/O Speed(3rd run) : 1.2 GB/s
 I/O Speed(average) : 1160.5 MB/s
 Node Name        Upload Speed      Download Speed      Latency    6772.35 Mbps      3575.70 Mbps        0.73 ms     
 Los Angeles, US  1445.81 Mbps      3455.77 Mbps        60.60 ms    
 Dallas, US       2701.29 Mbps      2419.46 Mbps        32.56 ms    
 Montreal, CA     937.70 Mbps       937.53 Mbps         7.07 ms     
 Amsterdam, NL    996.12 Mbps       1697.53 Mbps        90.57 ms    
 Shanghai, CN     631.55 Mbps       450.90 Mbps         245.55 ms   
 Nanjing, CN      434.35 Mbps       920.36 Mbps         206.56 ms   
 Hongkong, CN     601.75 Mbps       968.98 Mbps         325.14 ms   
 Singapore, SG    381.93 Mbps       65.76 Mbps          232.51 ms   
 Tokyo, JP        336.95 Mbps       1898.78 Mbps        149.65 ms   
 Finished in        : 4 min 42 sec
 Timestamp          : 2023-07-14 03:12:24 UTC

Looking Glass

Test IPv4:

Test IPv6: 2001:19f0:b001:11:5400:1ff:fecb:8c50

Test files: 100MB 1GB

Yabs Performance Bench

IPv6 Network Information:
ISP        : The Constant Company, LLC
ASN        : AS20473 The Constant Company, LLC
Host       : The Constant Company, LLC
Location   : Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Country    : Canada

fio Disk Speed Tests (Mixed R/W 50/50):
Block Size | 4k            (IOPS) | 64k           (IOPS)
  ------   | ---            ----  | ----           ---- 
Read       | 366.21 MB/s  (91.5k) | 1.05 GB/s    (16.4k)
Write      | 367.18 MB/s  (91.7k) | 1.06 GB/s    (16.5k)
Total      | 733.39 MB/s (183.3k) | 2.11 GB/s    (33.0k)
           |                      |                     
Block Size | 512k          (IOPS) | 1m            (IOPS)
  ------   | ---            ----  | ----           ---- 
Read       | 1.39 GB/s     (2.7k) | 1.45 GB/s     (1.4k)
Write      | 1.46 GB/s     (2.8k) | 1.55 GB/s     (1.5k)
Total      | 2.85 GB/s     (5.5k) | 3.01 GB/s     (2.9k)

iperf3 Network Speed Tests (IPv4):
Provider        | Location (Link)           | Send Speed      | Recv Speed      | Ping           
Clouvider       | London, UK (10G)          | 2.11 Gbits/sec  | 1.25 Gbits/sec  | 80.3 ms        
Scaleway        | Paris, FR (10G)           | 4.26 Gbits/sec  | 920 Mbits/sec   | 92.6 ms        
NovoServe       | North Holland, NL (40G)   | busy            | busy            | 93.1 ms        
Uztelecom       | Tashkent, UZ (10G)        | 2.19 Gbits/sec  | 677 Mbits/sec   | 179 ms         
Clouvider       | NYC, NY, US (10G)         | 4.83 Gbits/sec  | 2.61 Gbits/sec  | 12.2 ms        
Clouvider       | Dallas, TX, US (10G)      | 4.50 Gbits/sec  | 2.51 Gbits/sec  | 35.8 ms        
Clouvider       | Los Angeles, CA, US (10G) | 2.41 Gbits/sec  | 2.00 Gbits/sec  | 63.2 ms        

iperf3 Network Speed Tests (IPv6):
Provider        | Location (Link)           | Send Speed      | Recv Speed      | Ping           
Clouvider       | London, UK (10G)          | 2.15 Gbits/sec  | 1.17 Gbits/sec  | 81.6 ms        
Scaleway        | Paris, FR (10G)           | 3.35 Gbits/sec  | busy            | 94.0 ms        
NovoServe       | North Holland, NL (40G)   | busy            | busy            | 93.1 ms        
Uztelecom       | Tashkent, UZ (10G)        | 1.85 Gbits/sec  | 2.96 Gbits/sec  | 179 ms         
Clouvider       | NYC, NY, US (10G)         | busy            | 4.59 Gbits/sec  | 12.1 ms        
Clouvider       | Dallas, TX, US (10G)      | 4.14 Gbits/sec  | 5.37 Gbits/sec  | 35.7 ms        
Clouvider       | Los Angeles, CA, US (10G) | 2.26 Gbits/sec  | 3.02 Gbits/sec  | 63.2 ms        

Geekbench 6 Benchmark Test:
Test            | Value                         
Single Core     | 1317                          
Multi Core      | 2400                          
Full Test       |

YABS completed in 13 min 50 sec

Global Node Test

 ## CDN Speedtest

 CacheFly :   8.14 KiB/s |    0.06 Mbps  | ping   0.349ms
 Gdrive   :  52.44 MiB/s |  419.51 Mbps  | ping   1.284ms

 ## North America Speedtest

 Softlayer, Washington, USA :  21.03 MiB/s |  168.23 Mbps  | ping  16.167ms
 SoftLayer, San Jose, USA   :   2.46 MiB/s |   19.71 Mbps  | ping  84.814ms
 SoftLayer, Dallas, USA     :       0 B/s |      N/A       | ping error!
 Vultr, New Jersey, USA     :   9.64 MiB/s |   77.11 Mbps  | ping  11.911ms
 Vultr, Seattle, USA        :  93.72 MiB/s |  749.77 Mbps  | ping  55.582ms
 Vultr, Dallas, USA         : 132.80 MiB/s | 1062.42 Mbps  | ping  36.777ms
 Vultr, Los Angeles, USA    :  72.20 MiB/s |  577.62 Mbps  | ping  64.825ms
 Ramnode, New York, USA     :  90.83 MiB/s |  726.61 Mbps  | ping  11.346ms
 Ramnode, Atlanta, USA      :  43.09 MiB/s |  344.75 Mbps  | ping  38.843ms

 ## Europe Speedtest

 Vultr, London, UK            :  64.77 MiB/s |  518.13 Mbps  | ping  85.094ms
 LeaseWeb, Frankfurt, Germany :  52.10 KiB/s |    0.41 Mbps  | ping 100.336ms
 Hetzner, Germany             : 748.11 KiB/s |    5.84 Mbps  | ping 105.847ms
 Ramnode, Alblasserdam, NL    :  13.02 MiB/s |  104.13 Mbps  | ping  85.374ms
 Vultr, Amsterdam, NL         :  52.41 MiB/s |  419.29 Mbps  | ping  92.611ms
 EDIS, Stockholm, Sweden      :     353 B/s |      N/A       | ping  96.890ms
 OVH, Roubaix, France         :     435 B/s |      N/A       | ping  84.424ms
 Online, France               :  47.92 MiB/s |  383.39 Mbps  | ping  93.999ms
 Prometeus, Milan, Italy      :     354 B/s |      N/A       | ping 103.028ms

 ## Exotic Speedtest

 Sydney, Australia     :  13.84 MiB/s |  110.75 Mbps  | ping 257.150ms
 Lagoon, New Caledonia :     142 B/s |      N/A       | ping 275.863ms
 Hosteasy, Moldova     :  13.35 MiB/s |  106.77 Mbps  | ping 131.674ms
 Prima, Argentina      : 331.09 KiB/s |    2.59 Mbps  | ping error!

 ## Asia Speedtest

 SoftLayer, Singapore : 175.31 KiB/s |    1.37 Mbps  | ping 230.793ms
 Linode, Tokyo, Japan :  11.82 MiB/s |   94.56 Mbps  | ping 152.133ms
 Linode, Singapore    :   7.47 MiB/s |   59.73 Mbps  | ping 216.749ms
 Vultr, Tokyo, Japan  :  34.54 MiB/s |  276.34 Mbps  | ping 155.867ms

 Benchmark finished in 96 seconds

Media Unlock Test

 ** Test Starts At: Fri 14 Jul 2023 03:54:24 AM UTC

 ** Checking Results Under IPv4 
 ** Your Network Provider: Choopa, LLC (149.248.*.*) 

============[ Multination ]============
 Dazn:                                  No
 HotStar:                               No
 Disney+:                               No
 Netflix:                               No
 YouTube Premium:                       Yes (Region: CA)
 Amazon Prime Video:                    Yes (Region: CA)
 TVBAnywhere+:                          Yes
 iQyi Oversea Region:                   CA                               No
 YouTube CDN:                           Toronto, ON 
 Netflix Preferred CDN:                 Failed
 Spotify Registration:                  No
 Steam Currency:                        CAD
 ChatGPT:                               No

 ** Checking Results Under IPv6 
 ** Your Network Provider: Choopa, LLC (2001:19f0:b002:*:*) 

============[ Multination ]============
 Dazn:                                  Failed (Network Connection)
 HotStar:                               No
 Disney+:                               Yes (Region: CA)
 Netflix:                               No
 YouTube Premium:                       Yes (Region: CA)
 Amazon Prime Video:                    Unsupported
 TVBAnywhere+:                          Failed (Network Connection)
 iQyi Oversea Region:                   Failed                               Failed
 YouTube CDN:                           Toronto, ON 
 Netflix Preferred CDN:                 Failed
 Spotify Registration:                  No
 Steam Currency:                        Failed (Network Connection)
 ChatGPT:                               No
Testing Done! 

Global Ping Test

Vultr Canada Toronto AMD vCPU High Performance VPS Hosting Test and Review

Query: ping, interval: 5s, dense mode: no

Probing – ARIN /20 AS20473 CHOOPA – Canada, Ontario, Toronto

CloudFlare Internet Test

Vultr Canada Toronto AMD vCPU High Performance VPS Hosting Test and Review

PageSpeed Insights

Vultr Canada Toronto AMD vCPU High Performance VPS Hosting Test and Review

GTmetrix Performance

Vultr Canada Toronto AMD vCPU High Performance VPS Hosting Test and Review

Admin Control Panel

Vultr Canada Toronto AMD vCPU High Performance VPS Hosting Test and Review

Vultr’s user-friendly control panel sets a new standard for server management, offering a seamless and intuitive experience. Designed with simplicity, the control panel empowers users to navigate and execute essential tasks effortlessly.

Whether ordering servers, managing backups, or fine-tuning access control, the control panel streamlines the process with just a few clicks. This efficient interface eliminates complexities, allowing users to focus on their core objectives without getting bogged down in technical intricacies.

One of the standout features of the control panel is the ability to deploy instances with Vultr. This feature has proven immensely popular, with over 45 million instances deployed by a vast community of satisfied clients. It demonstrates the platform’s reliability, scalability, and trust it has garnered from thousands of users worldwide.

In summary, the Vultr control panel presents a user-centric approach to server management. Its seamless design and user-friendly interface simplify everyday tasks, ensuring that even users with limited technical expertise can effortlessly navigate and accomplish their goals. The ability to deploy instances with Vultr further highlights the platform’s reliability and popularity within the user community.

Server Pricing

Vultr Canada Toronto AMD vCPU High Performance VPS Hosting Test and Review

Vultr provides a comprehensive range of pricing options across their 9 editions, ensuring a suitable plan for every budget. Prices span from $1 to $120 per month, offering flexibility and affordability to users. Let’s take a closer look at some of their notable pricing plans:

1. Cloud Compute: This edition starts at a highly affordable $2.50 per month, delivering easy-to-use virtual machines (VMs) designed to meet the requirements of many everyday workloads.

2. Optimized Cloud Compute: The Optimized Cloud Compute edition costs $28.00 per month for more demanding workloads. These VMs provide robust performance, with built-in NVMe SSD storage and no shared resources, guaranteeing an uninterrupted experience.

3. Cloud GPU: Targeting users needing accelerated computing power, the Cloud GPU edition starts at $90.00 per month. These virtual machines leverage NVIDIA GPUs to unlock enhanced performance for GPU-intensive tasks.

4. Bare Metal: The edition costs $120.00 per month, offering the utmost control and dedicated resources. These fully automated dedicated servers eradicate the virtualization layer, providing users direct access to the underlying hardware.

5. Kubernetes Engine: Designed for containerized applications, the Kubernetes Engine starts at $10.00 per month, offering a fully managed platform to deploy and orchestrate container-based workloads efficiently.

6. Managed Databases: Providing secure, highly available, and scalable managed databases, this edition starts at $15.00 per month. It enables businesses to focus on their applications while relying on Vultr’s expertise for managing the database infrastructure.

7. Object Storage: Starting at $5.00 per month, the Object Storage edition presents a flexible and scalable storage solution accessible via the S3 API. It allows users to manage their storage needs on demand efficiently.

8. Block Storage: With prices starting at $1.00 per month, the Block Storage edition offers expandable HDD or NVMe SSD storage volumes that can be directly mounted to compute instances. Users can easily augment their compute resources with cost-effective and scalable storage.

These pricing editions underline Vultr’s commitment to accommodating various needs and budgets, ensuring users can access the required resources without breaking the bank.

Official Website:



Double your deposit! When you open a new account, Vultr will match your first deposit dollar for dollar, up to $100. Cannot be combined with any other offers, new customers only.

Use Code: FLYVULTR250

Try Vultr for free with a $250 free credit. New customers only.

Use Code: 25OFF

New Cloud Compute instances will receive a 25% discount if the instance is active. Offer valid for new customers only, for instances launched within 30 days of account creation.


In performance tests, the server showcased impressive I/O speeds averaging 1160.5 MB/s, and achieved excellent network speeds in various locations worldwide, ensuring smooth data transfers. Additionally, the server underwent benchmark tests, scoring 1317 for single-core and 2400 for multi-core on the Geekbench 6 Benchmark Test.

These specifications and test results demonstrate the server’s suitability for various applications. From hosting web and application servers to powering E-Commerce platforms, game servers, and API hosting, the Vultr Canada Toronto Shared vCPU VPS Server is well-equipped to handle demanding workloads.

In conclusion, the Vultr Canada Toronto Shared vCPU VPS Server stands out for its exceptional performance, reliability, and connectivity capabilities. Its robust configuration, generous bandwidth, and support for IPv4 and IPv6 make it an excellent choice for various use cases. Whether you’re a business or a developer, this server offers the resources, speed, and stability necessary to meet your infrastructure needs efficiently.

Official Website:

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